TFT Gunslinger Blademasters Build (9.14)

The gunslinger build in the 9.14 patch is versatile and simple to execute. Since at least half of your gunslingers will be pirates as well it makes sense to run 3 pirates to build up your economy before adding up some extra firepower. A few important items will be needed early on in order to make it viable.

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Early Game Champions

  • Tristana – Primary Carry
  • Lucian – Secondary Carry
  • Gangplank
  • Graves
  • Pike

This is the core of your build early on. You will need to have some sort of tanks in your lineup before you can get all your champions and you will likely have to keep your tanks for awhile longer until you can get your secondary lineup online up and your items built.

Critical Items

You will want to build a Red Buff and Cursed Blade and put them on preferably Tristana. She has the longest range and should be the safest character while dishing out damage the longest. Since the Gunslinger buff allows you to attack multiple opponents these items can potentially proc on multiple enemies on one hit making these items very strong. Lucian can also carry with them.

Armor + Belt

TFT Cursed Blade
Shell + Bow

If possible you will want to put an extra cursed blade, disarm or hush on your secondary carry gunslinger.

TFT Cursed Blade
Shell + Bow

TFT Hush
Shell + Tear
TFT Sword Breaker
Shell + Armor

Phase 2

So you got some gunslingers and a few random champions taking some hits for you. Now you need to add up a bit of extra firepower. Blademasters are a good choice. Once you get your blademaster lineup you can remove Pyke.

Blademaster Champion Additions

  • Aartrox
  • Shen
  • Draven
  • Yasuo/Fiora

Gangplank is already a blademaster so you will want to create a Blade of the Ruined King item and put it on your primary carry, likely Tristana. This puts 6 blademasters online and makes you a powerhouse.

TFT Blade of Ruined King
Spatula + Bow

If you find a Miss Fortune and your Graves is weak you can swap them.

Phase 2 Alternative

If blademasters aren’t working out a good option is getting CC champions.

CC Champion Additions

  • Cho’gath
  • Sejuani

Load up these champions with tank items.

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