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Temtem Tier List

Temtem is the hit new massively multiplayer online creature collection game from CremaGames. There’s 81 different Temtem currently in the game, so you might find this Temtem tier list useful.

Temtem Tier List

We’re basing this tier list off of the Alpha Champion NekoBlakii’s top picks. The list is sorted by best to worst in descending order. The tier list is bound to change as more balancing updates and new Temtem are added to the game.

S Tier

  • Saku
  • Gyalis
  • Volarend
  • Tuvine
  • Pigepic

A Tier

  • Valash
  • Barnshe
  • Raize
  • Ukama
  • Oceara
  • Kinu
  • Anahir

B Tier

  • Platimous
  • Mudrid
  • Skunch
  • Capyre
  • Raican
  • Saipat
  • Baboong
  • Gazuma
  • Vulcrane

C Tier

  • Loali
  • Granpah
  • Wiplump
  • Tental
  • Nidrasil
  • Zenoreth
  • Myx
  • Mastione
  • Cerneaf
  • Goolder
  • Shuine
  • Kalabyss

D Tier

  • Tateru
  • Taifu
  • Babawa
  • Piraniant
  • Sherald
  • Mushook
  • Noxolotl
  • Nessla
  • Adoroboros

Again, the Temtem tier list meta is almost guaranteed to change from patch to patch as long as CremaGames decides to keep tuning Temtem. Stay tuned to this page and we will do our best to keep it updated as the game evolves.

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