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Temtem Strength and Weakness Chart

Temtem Early Access was released today on Steam, and can now be purchased in the store. While this is the first time playing for many players, it will be useful to know each Temtem’s strengths and weaknesses. The Temtem strength and weakness chart will help you understand which Temtem types are effective or ineffective against other types.

Temtem Strength and Weakness Chart

Each type of Temtem can either be strong, weak, or impartial against other types of Temtem. A very effective attack will deal 2x damage, while a neutral one will deal 1x, and an ineffective attack will do 0.5x.

Keep in mind a Temtem can have two types and both have to be considered. A Temtem effective against two types would deal 4x damage, and a Temtem ineffective against two types would deal 0.25x damage.

Here’s another type advantage chart you can use to determine what types of Temtem yours has advantage over, but note this is to be referenced for ATTACKING only.

You may be confused at the chart when looking at say Digital type Temtem being good against digital but also bad against digital. A Temtem can be effective against itself.

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