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Temtem Roadmap Revealed

Temtem caught the world by storm with their new creature-collecting game. Since it’s release on January 21, 2020, nearly half a million copies were sold. Today, Crema revealed their upcoming roadmap of things to come for Temtem in 2020.

Temtem Roadmap Revealed

Spring 2020 Temtem Changes

  • Balancing – balance changes will continue to be made until the Temtem roster is complete. This implies there will be a set number of Temtem.
  • Matchmaking – ranked matching will be implemented into the game in a test phase. Players can win some in-game currency for competing in this mode.
  • Auto-scaling – Temtem max level is set to 48 and SVs will be maxed out at 50 and TVs will remain the same.
  • Spectator Mode – Crema will be adding spectator mode for competitive play earlier than anticipated, so you can watch Temtem health and stamina bars in real-time.
  • In-Game Chat – there is currently no chat feature, but this will soon change to allow players to communicate with one another.
  • Clubs – clubs are the same thing as guilds, where you can invite friends, create a name, and design a banner. Dojo Wars will also be making its way into the game in the near future.

Summer 2020 Temtem Changes

  • Kisiwa – a new island called Kisiwa will be the home of 25 new Temtem.
  • Player Housing – Atoll Row will open up to players, allowing everyone to have their own home with infinite space. Furniture stores will also open so you can furnish your home and design it how you like. Features will include:
    • Incubators – hatch eggs while not in your party
    • Jukeboxes – set the vibe in your home
    • Fruit Trees – growing enhancers and weakener fruits
  • Climbing Gear – climb those rocky cliffs you’ve probably noticed with new climbing gear which will open up new hidden locations.
  • Emotes – brand new emotes will be making their way into the game as well.

Fall 2020 Temtem Changes

  • Cipanku – a new island to the home of 25 new Temtem, with the first-ever Mythical Temtem.
  • Tournaments – in-game tournaments can now be held within the actual Temtem game client.
  • Quest Diary – this is likely a more efficient way to keep track of your quests.
  • Achievements – in-game achievements will be introduced during this phase. Completing the Tempedia will be one of the confirmed achievements, but there are likely to be dozens more.

That’s everything on the 2020 roadmap, for now, but things are bound to get added as time goes on. Temtem’s development looks promising for this year as Crema hopes to make their game enjoyable and successful for years to come.

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