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Temtem Item List

Temtem is the new Pokemon inspired game from developer Crema Games. It is a massively multiplayer online creature collection game that was released into open beta earlier this month.

Since release there have been mixed reviews about the game, mostly due to a rocky start in terms of server stability. Many players are intrigued by the game and appear to be enjoying it as it sits at an 89% positive rating on the Steam store.

Temtem Item List

There’s many different types of items you can find throughout the game to help you on your adventures. You can find a full Temtem item list below along with a short description of what each item does.

Item NameItem Description
Tiny CrystalCan be sold for a good price
Average CrystalCan be sold for a good price
Huge CrystalCan be sold for a good price
Seal SaltCan be sold for a good price
Silicon FragmentCan be sold for a good price
Silicon ShardCan be sold for a good price
ScentReduces likelihood of untamed encounters for 100 meters
Super ScentGreatly reduces likelihood of untamed encounters
Smoke BombTeleports you to last visited Temprium
TemCardAllows you to capture and tame Temtem
TemCard+Allows you to capture and tame Temtem with a higher chance
BalmRestore 25 HP
Balm+Restore 70 HP
Vital AppleRestore 25% HP
Vital DurianRestore 50% HP
EtherRestore 20 STA
Ether+Restore 45 STA
Energetic KiwiRestore 25% STA
Energetic BananaRestore 50% STA
TonicRestore 15 HP and 12 STA
Tonic+Restore 42 HP and 27 STA
Vigorous LoquatRestore 40% HP and 27% STA
ReviveRevive with 50% HP and STA
Power ReviveRevive with 25% HP and 100 STA
UntrapperRemove  Trapped condition
AntidoteRemoves Poisoned condition
AwakenerRemoves Asleep condition
CoolerRemoves Burned condition
HeaterRemoves Cold/Frozen Condition
Enhancer PineappleAdd 20 TV to HP
Enhancer WatermelonAdd 20 TV to STA
Enhancer CherryAdd 20 TV to SPD
Enhancer PeachAdd 20 TV to ATK
Enhancer CoconutAdd 20 TV to DEF
Enhancer MangoAdd 20 TV to SPATK
Enhancer PapayaAdd 20 TV to SPDEF
Enhancer AvocadoAdd 50 TV to random stat under 500 TV
Weakener LemonMinus 20 TV from HP
Weakener GrapefruitMinus 20 TV from STA
Weakenr KumquatMinus 20 TV from SPD
Weakener OrangeMinus 20 TV from ATK
Weakener LimeMinus 20 TV from DEF
Weakener PomeloMinus 20 TV from SPATK
Weakener TangerineMinus 20 TV from SPDEF
Weakener YuzuMinus 50 TV from random Stats over 0 TV
Growth EnhancerIncrease Temtem level by 1
Fertility EnhancerIncrease Temtem fertility by 1
Full RestoreRestore full HP, STA and remove all Status Conditions
Telomere Hack – HPAdd 1 SV to HP
Telomere Hack – STAAdd 1 SV to STA
Telomere Hack – SPDAdd 1 SV to SPD
Telomere Hack – ATKAdd 1 SV to ATK
Telomere Hack – DEFAdd 1 SV to DEF
Telomere Hack – SPATKAdd 1 SV to SPATK
Telomere Hack – SPDEFAdd 1 SV to SPDEF
Archipelago MapExplore Archipelago
SurfboardAllows you to surf on water
Acid-proof SurfboardAllows you to surf on water and acid
Crystal SkatesAllows you to skate through crystal surfaces
TempediaContains information on all caught and seen Temtem
Temessence PhialFull Restore on your full squad
Rock-hopping HookAllows you to leap over empty spaces
Egg TimerShows hatch time for your eggs

As the game progresses, there will likely be many more items added to the game so we will do our best to try and keep this as up to date as possible.

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