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What is Super People? Release Date and CBT

Check out release date and CBT schedule for Super People.
What is Super People Release Date and CBT Schedule

If you thought the Battle Royale genre was dead, you thought wrong. It looks like we will be seeing new BR releases for a least a few more years. The latest addition is Super People from Korean game developer Wonder People. The game has been picking up some steam with big streamers such as Shroud enjoying it. Only time will tell if Super People will truly be able to break out in the genre.

What is Super People?

Super People can best be described as 80% PUBG and 20% Apex Legends. The game has some heavy PUBG inspiration but already looks more polished than when PUBG was first released. The format is standard. You parachute onto an island and fight on a shrinking battlefield until only one is left. One of the primary differences with Super People is that you can pick different classes, each with its own unique abilities. You can also craft weapons on the go, which historically is a non-standard BR feature. 

The game will be available through Steam, and, at the moment, there is no confirmation that Super People will be available on Playstation, Xbox, or Switch. It wouldn’t be uncommon for this game to get ported to consoles if it sees a successful PC release. 

When is the Super People Release Date?

Wonder People has made no announcements or hints at the release date for Super People. However, many games typically release roughly six months after the conclusion of their closed beta testing. If we assume that the current CBT phase will be the last, then we can expect a release sometime mid 2022. Of course, that is complete speculation, and the release could be much further away. In the meantime, players can get their hands on the game by applying to the CBT, instructions below. 

When is the Super People CBT?

CBT is Live

The current Super People CBT (Closed Beta Test) will be running from 12/06/21 to 12/26/21. Here is how to apply for the Super People CBT:

  1. Go to the Super People Steam page.
  2. Click Request Access
  3. Wait to be accepted into the CBT
Super People CBT Request Access

Most players have been getting into the test almost immediately, but others may have to wait to be accepted. It will depend on how many players Wonder People believes it can handle for the test at that moment. 

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