Stoneshard Inventory Space

Stoneshard Inventory Space

Inventory space is something you will need to manage closely while playing Stoneshard. They intentionally give you very limited inventory space so you have to make difficult decisions when you find new items out in the world and in dungeons.

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Stoneshard Inventory Space

Between healing items and consumables, you will find yourself limited in the amount of free space in your 5×10 inventory. There are a few strategies you can use to efficiently utilize your inventory space in Stoneshard. The first is to use the chest found inside the second floor of the Osbrook Inn. Place items in here you think you will need later that don’t serve any immediate purpose.

Later in the game, you will find a backpack. A backpack is the only way to expand your inventory space, but you must sacrifice a piece of clothing to wear it. You can only place a couple items in the backpack as well, but it seems to be worth it. Limited inventory space is one of the aspects that make the game especially challenging.

A tip to help you on your adventures in Stoneshard would be to always make sure to have a filled waterskin, food, and medical supplies before you head out of town. You should always leave room for these three things as they are essential for your journey. Aside from that, make sure you leave room in your inventory for dungeon loot.

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