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Stoneshard Cooking Guide

Your character’s hunger is something you need to be mindful of while playing Stoneshard. While cooking is a simple process, it’s something you should immediately learn how to do in this game. Our Stoneshard cooking guide will tell you everything you need to know.

Stoneshard Cooking Guide

Cooking in Stoneshard is simple, all you need to do is look for a campfire or fireplace in order to cook some food. There are campfires all around in the game, one of which is in the town of Osbrook to the left of the herbalist. When you get to the campfire, right-click on it to start cooking raw food on it.

Right now, there are a limited amount of things you can cook on campfires in Stoneshard. In fact, the only thing you can cook is Venison. There will be more recipes added into the game, but for now, this is the only food you’ll be able to eat. To get raw materials you will need to go hunting.

Raw cooking materials are unlikely to be found in barrels and dungeons, though it is possible. Venison is the only source of raw meat at the moment and it can be obtained from hunting Deer and Moose. Foxes and Wolves can be hunted as well but do not drop meat at the moment.

Stoneshard Cooking Recipes

Venison (Raw)-30% HungerVenison (Cooked)-40% Hunger
15% Hunger Resistance

You can eat raw food, but you will need to cook it in order to get the maximum benefit out of it. It’s also recommended to cook venison before selling it to the meat vendor.

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