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Star Wars: Squadrons Ships: Fighters, Interceptors, Support, and Bombers

Star Wars Squadrons Ships Fighters, Interceptors, Support, and Bombers

Star Wars: Squadrons is the new first-person space combat game from EA releasing this upcoming fall. During the gameplay trailer, players got a look at all eight Star Wars: Squadrons ships, including the four classes: fighters, interceptors, support, and bombers. These four ship classes are available for both the New Republic and the Galactic Empire. 

Star Wars: Squadrons Ships Classes

  • Fighters
  • Interceptors
  • Support
  • Bombers


The Fighter ship class is the most all-around versatile class, suitable for almost any situation. Great for dogfights, and even powerful enough to take down enemy capital ships.

Tie Fighter – Galactic Empire

The TIE/LN fighter is the unforgettable symbol of the Imperial fleet. It is designed for high-speed dogfights against starfighters, and is flexible enough to challenge enemy capital ships.

X-Wing – New Republic

As the backbone starfighter of the Rebel fleet, the T-65B X-wing is an all-purpose starfighter that can deftly strike down enemy TIEs as well as capital ships.

Star Wars: Squadrons Ships - Fighters


The Interceptor – Galactic Empire

Flown by the elite pilots of the Imperial Navy, the TIE interceptor combines high speed and four laser cannons ideal for hunting down Republic starfighters.

A-Wing – New Republic

Since the early days of the Rebellion, the RZ-1 A-wing’s exceptional speed has made it a useful, agile counter to Imperial starfighters.

Star Wars: Squadrons Ships - Interceptors


Support ships help allies survive and keep them stocked up with goods. They can also disrupt enemy ships and open up a path to victory.

The Reaper – Galactic Empire

The TIE reaper is a support starfighter with advanced utility, meant to aid their squadron by empowering allies, disrupted enemy starfighters, and protecting the Empire.

U-Wing – New Republic

A sturdy gunship, the U-wing starfighters is a well-armed swing-wing vessel with support capabilities that make it dangerous against the Empire, and vital for the New Republic squadrons.

Star Wars: Squadrons Ships - Support


The Bomber class of ships consists of the heavy hitters in the bunch. These are the ships dishing out massive damage to enemy capital ships.

The Bomber – Galactic Empire

Slower than the standard TIE fighter, the TIE bomber boasts increased armor, an impressive explosives arsenal, and heavy blasters ideal for assaulting large targets.

Y-Wing – New Republic

Repurposed by the Rebel Alliance, these older bombers utilize Ion Cannons and missile payloads to immobilize and eliminate larger ships in the Imperial fleet.

Bombers - Tie Bomber | Y-Wing

Ship Loadouts Components

Each ship is customizable with different cosmetics and over fifty different components. Equip loadouts like mines, cannons, shields, supply droids, and missiles to take down your opponents and help your squadron survive.

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