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Where is the Traveling Spirit in Sky: Children of the Light

Where is the Traveling Spirit in Sky: Children of the Light

Part of playing a live service game is coming to terms with the fact that you’re probably gonna miss out on some nifty stuff. You can’t always be online, ready and able to play the game during every single major and minor event. As such, some limited-time items, even if they aren’t vital gameplay changers, will probably escape you. It’s unfortunate, but thankfully, some games, Sky: Children of the Light, provide a means to obtain at least a couple of things you might’ve missed: the Traveling Spirits. So, where is the Traveling Spirit in Sky: Children of the Light?

Traveling Spirits are, as the name suggests, Spirits that travel the land at particular intervals, bestowing certain items that were given by the Spirits of previous seasons. While you can’t get every single seasonal item from a Traveling Spirit, they’ll at least dispense a couple of nifty things like Expressions and cosmetic items, provided you’ve got the candy to trade for them. If you did get all of the stuff from their season, they’ll also sell you Wing Buffs and Blessings. Traveling Spirits of a particular season will usually appear after the season that followed their season. In other words, you gotta wait two seasons before you can get the older stuff. 

Where is the Traveling Spirit in Sky: Children of the Light

However, befitting their title of “Traveling” Spirits, these guys can be a bit tricky to pin down. It’s impossible to know which Spirit will show up, as well as where it’ll show up until it actually happens. Traveling Spirits appear every other Thursday and stick around until the following Monday. Here is the schedule for when and where to find Traveling Spirit in Sky: Children of the Light:

Start DateEnd DateSpiritSeasonLocation
September 16September 19TBD
September 2September 5Crab WhispererLightseekersCrab Field in the pipes by the wind tunnel
August 19August 22Chill SunbatherSanctuaryInfront of cave entrance on the main island
August 5August 8Prophet of WaterSeas of ProphecyLeft of the passageway near the Trial of Water Entrance
July 22July 25Boogie KidSeason of BelongingIsle of Dawn, Right of Temple
July 8July 11Sassy DrifterSeason of GratitudeIsle of Dawn, Rightside of Dunes
June 24June 27Admiring ActorSeason of RhythmHidden Forest, Boneyard

We can’t tell you exactly where to find a Traveling Spirit until it shows up in the game. However, we’ll do our best to keep this updated so you know the exact location. Bookmark this page and check back every other Thursday for updates!

Keep an eye on the game’s official Facebook and Discord channels, as odds are good that as soon as one player finds the Spirit, they’ll spread the word to everyone else.

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