What Are Traveling Spirits in Sky: Children of the Light? Everything to Know

Figure out who the new Traveling Spirit is here!

Sky: Children of the Light is a game filled with stunning realms, a wholesome fanbase, and cute cosmetics to dress your character n. With every new day, there are daily quests, various spirits to visit with, and even new seasons from time to time. The various seasons also bring new cosmetics for a limited time, from the cape you wear to the hair on your head.

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The seasons aren’t around forever though. Once its time has come to an end, the seasonal spirits, and more importantly, cosmetics, will all be set to the side. You’ll still be able to complete the quests in game, though the fun cosmetics won’t be available through the same means. You may feel down about not being able to get that really cool cape you saw, but fortunately, this isn’t the case. 

Within the world of sky are Traveling Spirits – spirits from previous seasons who return for a time. While they are around, you’re able to purchase the emotes and other fun things that they once offered, using the in game currencies. But when do the spirits show up? How long will they be here? Who is the current traveling spirit, and what cosmetics are they carrying? We have all the answers for you here, and will update this page every time a new traveling spirit arrives – so keep reading to find out more!

Who is the Current Traveling Spirit?

Image via Sky: Children of the Light

The visiting traveling spirit is none other than the Slouching Soldier. This spirit was originally from the Spirit of the Little Prince, a collaboration season in the summer of 2021. This spirit hasn’t previously visited as a traveling spirit, this being their first time back. It will remain at the home realm from February 16 to 19, waiting to say hello. During this time, you can purchase all of the cosmetics they carry!

What Cosmetics are the Spirit Carrying – And How Much Are They?

Image via Sky: Children of the Light

The current traveling spirit, the Slouching Soldier, has several unique items that players may be interested in. The first of these is an item that most TS’s carry: a heart (In-Game Currency) that goes for 3 candles. You can use this heart to help purchase some of the other cosmetics this spirit carries, as well as other seasonal items. 

After that, the spirit offers it’s emote, which is very fitting for the soldier – a slouch. There are four different versions of this emote, costing a total of 13 hearts all together. You only need to get the Level Three version of this emote to progress the Friendship Tree of this traveling spirit though. You’ll also need 2 ascended candles to get some of the more expensive cosmetics, which can be found by going to Eden.

This traveling spirit also carries a music sheet for 15 Hearts, and can be played on many of the instruments you can find in Sky, along with two different spells that go for 5 candles each. More notably, this traveling spirit has both a hair and cape cosmetic. The messy lob of hair, looking a lot like that of someone who hasn’t gotten a lot of sleep, goes for 42 candles. The cape on the other hand, which looks just as beaten up and torn, is 70 candles.

In total, you will need 13 Hearts, 140 Regular Candles, and 2 Ascended Candles if you want to purchase all of these spirits cosmetics. 

Where Can I find the Traveling Spirit?

Image via Thatgamecompany

If you’ve already visited the traveling spirit, and have found you’re unable to unlock the items, there’s a reason for that. You haven’t met them yet! Luckily, it’s pretty easy: All you have to do is find them.

This particular traveling spirit can be found in the Vault of Knowledge, the fifth realm in the game. You can find them in the old season’s location, which is just to the left of the vault’s spawn point. You’ll have to have finished the Valley of Triumph before accessing the spirit (the fourth in-game realm), so be sure to do that first.

Who have been the previous Traveling Spirits?

There has been many traveling spirit visits in the game before the current one, all of whom offer fun and colorful cosmetics to play around with. Here’s a list of some of the more recent traveling spirits, along with when they visited.

February 2023

Slouching Soldier (Current Traveling Spirit)
Piggyback Lightseeker

January 2023

Rallying Thrillseeker
Baffled Botanist

December 2022

Pleaful Parent
Sassy Drifter

November 2022

Bearhug Hermit
Prophet of Water

October 2022

Nodding Muralist
Laidback Pioneer 

September 2022

Beckoning Ruler
Shushing Light Scholar
Indifferent Alchemist

August 2022

Scolding Student
Thoughtful Director

July 2022

Doublefive Light Catcher
Timid Bookworm

June 2022

Peeking Postman
Hairtousle Teen

May 2022

Greeting Shaman
Prophet of Air

April 2022

Daydream Forester
Spinning Mentor

March 2022

Scarecrow Farmer
Stretching Guru
Troupe Greeter

February 2022

Hiking Ground
Prophet of Earth

January 2022

Saluting Protector
Twirling Champion

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