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Should You Join Assassin Syndicate or Grand Navy in Roblox Arcane Odyssey? Answered

Which side should you join?
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Arcane Odyssey is an ultimate RPG Roblox experience. Players will be able to not only choose their own path, but create their own build and their own crew. If you wish not to join or create a clan and don’t want to rely on other players, you can instead join one of the already established clans, the Grant Navy, or the Assassin Syndicate. Which should you join?

Why join the Grand Navy in Arcane Odyssey?

The Grand Navy is the clan for those players who wish to be on the more moral side of the morality scale. As you do deeds in Arcane Odyssey, you’ll either become infamous, or looked up to. The Grand Navy has no time for ne’er-do-wells, and so if you enjoy helping the people and stomping down on piracy and illegal activity, then the Grand Navy is for you.

If you join the Grand Navy in Arcane Odyssey, then you’ll be tasked with having to slaughtering pirates, bandits, and other such criminals. To climb the ranks, you’ll need lots of fame, so the more good you do and justice you deliver, the more appraised you’ll be. However, there will come a time where leaderboard ranking will matter, so only the most coveted will receive the higher rankings.

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Why join the Assassin Syndicate in Arcane Odyssey?

If you are the kind of player to enjoy dabbling on the illicit and evil side of the morality meter, then the Assassin Syndicate is for you. Needing a negative reputation, players who enjoy covert operations and ignoring the law for ill-gotten gains will enjoy the Assassin Syndicate and their way of life.

You will be assigned missions to assassinate NPC and other players. You’ll need to be proficient in the art, as climbing the ranks directly involve having a high bounty. When you climb high enough, your rank will then be based off of your leaderboard ranking, so only the most skilled and despicable will climb high in the Assassin Syndicate.

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