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Microsoft announces June 3rd launch for Sea of Thieves on Steam

Sea of Thieves Steam Release Date

Sea of Thieves has been available to PC users since its launch in March of 2018 but hasn’t quite lived up to expectations compared to the Xbox One version. At launch, the Xbox version outsold the PC nearly 6:1. 

Developed by Rare, Sea of Thieves is a game that has you taking the role of a pirate on the high seas. Players have the choice to embark on their adventures solo or with a group to explore, loot, and engage in PvP with other crews. Sea of Thieves has attracted more than 10 million players and is Microsoft’s most successful new IP this console generation. 

The tech juggernaut has been testing the waters with its game distribution and has seen massive success with the release of Master Chief Collection on Steam. They expect Sea of Thieves to see a resurgence moving to the world’s largest digital game distributor on June 3, 2020.

Xbox Game Studios, formerly Microsoft Studios, has had sporadic releases on Steam through the years but usually saved more notable titles for their store. As of the second half of 2019, that strategy has changed. Starting with Gears 5, Microsoft began releasing games that were long thought to be Xbox-exclusive IPs through Steam. 

Sea of Thieves on Steam will offer cross-play with both the Xbox One and Microsoft Store versions. You can currently purchase the game for $39.99 on Xbox and for the PC through the Microsoft Store. It is also included in Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass.

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