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Riot Games Takes Back Vivo Keyd’s Victory over Acend Due to Violations

Riot Games releases a statement announcing that Vivo Keyd's victory in map three is turned over to Acend due to violations in the tournament’s competitive ruling
Riot Games Takes Back Vivo Keyd’s Victory over Acend Due to Violations

Vivo Keyd makes history on day four of VALORANT Champions Berlin after defeating Acend, a favorite in their group. Unfortunately for the Brazilian representatives, Riot Games launched an investigation after the tournament regarding JhoW’s usage of Cypher’s camera in the third map of the series.

Vivo Keyd is accused of exploiting a well-known bug regarding the usage of Cypher’s camera to gain an unfair vision advantage on Breeze. VALORANT Champions Berlin forbids the usage of any known bug in any march, according to their Global Competition Policy. As a result, Riot Games awarded all the games where JhoW used the bug to Acend, putting the EMEA representative’s final score at 12-9. The new scoring makes Acend the winners of both map three and the series altogether.

The ruling sparked controversy, especially among the Brazilian community, because of a similar situation in the Sentinels vs. FURIA match. The community claims that Sentinels also used the same bug against FURIA, another of Brazil’s representatives, without penalty or investigation.

Supporters of Vivo Keyd have taken to social media to protest Riot Games’ decision over the issue. However, it seems Riot Games has already made the final ruling. If the ruling remains, Acend will play against Team Envy in the winners’ match, while Vivo Keyd will play against X10 Crit in the elimination match and be at risk of going home. The team can rematch Acend should the EMEA reps lose in the winners’ match and Vivo Keyd prevail in the elimination match.

Brazilian fans are still hopeful that Riot Games will overturn the decision before Acend and Vivo Keyd play their next matches. Unfortunately, Acend and Team Envy are set to play in today’s second game, which means that they have less than half a day to convince Riot Games to give Vivo Keyd back their win.

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