PS VR2 vs Quest 3 – Which one is the Best?

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After Apple’s WWDC in the early days of June 2023, VR and AR and now on the minds of a ton of people. And while there wasn’t much in the way of gaming on this new amalgamation of VR and AR, other companies have already cornered that market. Meta, along with HTC and even Valve have released their own PC VR virtual reality headsets. Some of them show no signs of stopping with consumer headsets and are even working on new ones coming out in the near future. PlayStation decided to throw their hat in the virtual ring a few years ago, releasing the PS VR headset. With the PS VR2 recent launch, and Meta’s Quest 3 releasing in the future, many have been starting to compare the two. Let’s take a look at PS VR2 vs Quest 3 – Which one is the Best?

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PS VR2 vs Quest 3 – Specs

Since the PS VR2 system is already out in public hands, people are better able to ascertain the specifics of the hardware behind the headset. Quest 3 on the other hand is set to release in Fall 2023, and Meta has attempted to remain air tight on their device specs. That however hasn’t stopped certain communities from finding leaked designs of the headset. This has provided people with more details about it, and the comparisons can be found right here:

Headset:Meta Quest 3PS VR 2
SoCQualcomm Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2Integrated MediaTek
Resolution (Per-eye)2064 x 22082000 x 2040
Display TypeLCDOLED
Refresh Rate120Hz90Hz, 120Hz
Field of ViewApprox. 100 degreesApprox. 110 degrees
FeaturesHand tracking, PC Compatibility, voice commands, wireless, mixed realitySix-axis motion sensing, IR eye tracking camera,
ControllersTouch ProVR2 Sense Controllers
WeightLess than 1.1 lbsApprox. 1.23 lbs
PriceFrom $499.99 USDFrom $549.99 USD

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PS VR2 vs Quest 3 – Which one is the Best?

PS VR2 vs Quest 3 – Which one is the Best? headset
Image via PlayStation / Sony

As you can see from above, each headset comes with their own positives and negatives. Most notably, a PS VR2 headset requires you to have a PS5, while a Meta Quest 3 is completely standalone. There are also ways to connect the Quest to a PC, allowing you to draw from the SteamVR library of games that might not be available on Meta’s store. The tradeoff with purchasing the Quest however, is the fact that you will miss out on any exclusive games that PlayStation releases such as the Horizon: Call of the Mountain.

With about a $50 USD price difference between the two, figuring out which one best suits you is a bit subjective. If you own a PS5 and wouldn’t mind always being connected to it and sacrificing any other VR games you might have on PC, the PS VR2 provides a much more hassle-free set up and is available to purchase right now. On the other hand, picking up a Quest 3 when it releases might future proof you for the foreseeable future when it comes to VR. Meta’s approach of creating a powerful on-the-go VR headset seems to have worked thus far. And if you’re someone who does a lot of commuting/traveling, you’re probably better off waiting for the Quest 3.

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