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Potion Craft ingredients list

The complete list of Potion Craft ingredients, their descriptions, what they cost, and where to obtain them.
Potion Craft ingredients list

You can’t craft potions without ingredients, and there are quite a few of them in tinyBuild’s Potion Craft: Alchemy Simulator. We have the complete list of Potion Craft ingredients that you can reference, which includes their cost, where to obtain them, and their description.

Potion Craft ingredients are broken down into three categories: herbs, mushrooms, and minerals. You’ll need to experiment with lots of different combinations to improve your alchemy skills and learn all the potion recipes. You can find a lot of them out in your garden, but others are only obtainable from the traveling merchants and miners.

Keep the town supplied with all the potions they need, and be sure to experiment with new recipes to see what you can discover!

Potion Craft ingredients list


Bloodthorn56 GoldHerbMerchantCovered in a sticky red goo that resembles blood.
Fireball20 GoldHerbGarden, MerchantSlightly hot to the touch.
Goldthorn50 GoldHerbMerchantVery hard and dry. It also rolls.
Hairy Banana50 GoldHerbMerchantLike a fuzzy pod, a banana, and a boomerang all in one. Can you shave this banana? You sure can.
Ice Fruit36 GoldHerbMerchantAccording to legend, it’s an ice dragon’s favorite delicacy.
Lava Root46 GoldHerbMerchantThis root warms the surrounding soil even in winter.
Lumpy Beet36 GoldHerbMerchantIt is said that this particular type of beet is used to produce an unusual “sugar”
Tangleweed34 GoldHerbMerchantWet and slippery.
Terraria12 GoldHerbGarden, MerchantTerraria is one of the most famous alchemy ingredients. It got its name for magical properties best revealed in earth element recipes.
Thornstick32 GoldHerbMerchantThorny and ouchie.
Thunder Thistle36 GoldHerbMerchantAccording to legend, it’s an ice dragon’s favorite delicacy.
Waterbloom16 GoldHerbGarden, MerchantIt seems to have something to do with water.
Windbloom24 GoldHerbGarden, MerchantUse it like a fan to cool off.


Brown Mushroom24 GoldMushroomGarden, MerchantThese mushrooms are quite bitter. They’re best used in potions for disobedient children.
Dryad’s Saddle22 GoldMushroomGarden, MerchantAccording to legend, the dryads of the forest rode these mushrooms as mounts. That can’t be right.
Goblin Shroom20 GoldMushroomGarden, MerchantContrary to popular belief, goblins do not cook with these mushrooms.
Grave Truffle40 GoldMushroomMerchantThe favorite treat for necromancers
Green Mushroom36 GoldMushroomGarden, MerchantThey smell just like they look.
Marshroom28 GoldMushroomGarden, MerchantA mushroom that usually grows in swampy places.
Red Mushroom38 GoldMushroomGarden, MerchantThick and hot. Sometimes added to food for a touch of spice.
Shadow Chanterelle40 GoldMushroomGarden, MerchantDoes this mushroom have a shadow? Indeed, it does.
Sulphur Shelf44 GoldMushroomGarden, MerchantThis mushroom owes its name to a specific smell produced when ground in a mortar.
Weirdshroom34 GoldMushroomGarden, MerchantLooks like a very strange mushroom. Is it even a mushroom?
Witch Mushroom52 GoldMushroomGarden, MerchantThis fungus is popular among sorcerers and alchemists because of its valuable magical properties.


Blood Ruby360 GoldMineralMerchantLegend says this is the crystallized blood of fallen heroes of the past.
Cloud Crystal240 GoldMineralMerchantCloudy like a cloud, crystal like… crystal.
Earth Pyrite120 GoldMineralMerchantLooks like cookies. Tastes like dirt
Fire Citrine200 GoldMineralMerchantWarm to the touch and glows slightly in the dark
Frost Sapphire160 GoldMineralMerchantAlways cold. Do not lick.

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