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Pokemon Violet Fans Mock Scarlet Buyers: Thank Them for Their Sacrifice

Those who buy the less-popular version, we salute you.
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Best Nature for Miraidon and Koraidon
Image via Nintendo/The Pokemon Company

Whenever a new mainline Pokemon game comes out, there is an inevitable debate on which of the two versions you should play. It happened with Red and Blue in the 90s, and it’s happening now with Scarlet and Violet. Or rather it would be happening if Violet hadn’t proven itself the exponentially more popular option. As a result of this, players of Pokemon Violet are engaging in some good-natured memeing on Scarlet buyers.

Pokemon Violet Fans Mock Scarlet Buyers: Thank Them for Their Sacrifice

Users of the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet subreddit have begun posting memes ribbing players of Scarlet, jokingly suggesting that they only chose that version to serve as a trade mule for Violet players looking to get the version exclusives. This is why Violet players have been “thanking” Scarlet players for their “sacrifice.”

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Of course, the Scarlet players aren’t taking this memeing laying down. Many have replied in comments on the meme posts that they had proper reasons for choosing Scarlet over Violet, including preferring the design of Koraidon over Miraidon, preferring Professor Sada over Professor Turo, or being more interested in that game’s version-exclusive Pokemon.

Memeing for the Community

Of course, all of this is in good, harmless fun. No one is actually making fun of someone else for buying one version of the game over the other. Or at least no one with an opinion worth listening to.

That said, whether you own Scarlet or Violet, remember to stock up on version-exclusive Pokemon and launch them into the wild blue yonder via Surprise Trade. Who knows, you might just make someone’s day!

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