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Pokémon Unite – Blissey build, items, and moves

Using the best Pokémon Unite Blissey build will take this supporter to the next level.

Blissey is the first Pokémon added to Pokémon UNITE post-launch. It’s an interesting choice, as neither Blissey nor its pre-evolved states are particularly well-known for being combatants, but they do have proficiency as medics, and on a battlefield, a good medic is always a boon. Here’s the best Blissey build in Pokémon UNITE.

In our Pokémon UNITE Blissey guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know from items to moves. Blissey is a Supporter role Pokémon, which means it doesn’t belong on the front lines of a fight. While Blissey can take a lot of punishment, thanks to its high defense and HP, it can’t deal much damage. Its real strengths lay in its abilities to heal and buff its teammates. On its own, a Blissey can’t do much, alongside a team, it becomes a force to be reckoned with.

Best Blissey Build in Pokémon UNITE

Here is the best Blissey build in Pokémon UNITE:

  • Battle Items: Eject Button
  • Held Items: Buddy Barrier, EXP Share, Shell Bell
  • Moves: Soft-Boiled, Helping Hand

Before we get into the fight, let’s talk items. For your Hold items, you’re gonna want Buddy Barrier, EXP Share, and Shell Bell. The Buddy Barrier provides a shield to your lowest-health teammate upon using a Unite move, which is a great way to support the team on top of the benefits Blissey’s Unite move provides.

The EXP Share ensures that Blissey can still passively gain experience even when it’s not actively participating in combat. The Shell Bell will restore some of your health whenever you use a move, which, since Blissey’s kit is healing focused, can ensure both your and your teammates’ longevity.

For Battle Items, you’ll want an Eject Button to quickly return to base, as Blissey’s low speed makes that difficult for it to do on its own. The Eject Button has become a common pick for any build or loadout these days.

What are Pokémon UNITE Blissey’s moves?

Blissey starts out the match as Chansey, with its first two moves being Heal Pulse and Pound. Take Pound first, if only just to get it out of the way sooner. At level 4, when Chansey evolves into Blissey, swap Pound out for Helping Hand. Helping Hand boosts the movement and attack speed of nearby allies, which is fantastic for supporting the team. Though, if you notice your team is having trouble pushing forward, you could opt for Egg Bomb instead, just to offer a small bit of offensive power.

At level 6, swap Heal Pulse for Soft-Boiled. Soft-Boiled lets you throw eggs at allies to heal both them and yourself, plus more if you’ve got a Shell Bell. This’ll be your bread-and-butter healing move for the duration of the match. At level 8, Blissey learns its Unite move, Bliss Assistance, in which it runs over to an ally and buffs its stats, while also intercepting any damage it receives for a short time. If you’ve got an ally who’s really taking your opponents to the cleaners, a Bliss Assistance can push them over the edge into an unstoppable dynamo.

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