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Pet Simulator X Christmas Update 2021 Guide

Learn how to get Gingerbread and find Christmas World in the new Pet Simulator X Christmas Update
Pet Simulator X Christmas Update

Happy days are here at last! The latest Pet Simulator X Christmas update is out, and we couldn’t be more excited. The Christmas update add tons of fun Christmas content to Pet Simulator X. This guide will review all of the new updates and give more details on some of the changes. Let’s dive in!

Pet Simulator X Christmas Update

Pet Simulator X Christmas Update 2 is out!

The Christmas Update brings the holiday spirit into Pet Simulator X. Here are all the significant Pet Simulator X Christmas Update changes.

Update 1

  • New Christmas World added
  • Festive Map Update
  • 4 New Eggs – Four Limited time eggs have been added
    • Jolly Egg
    • Gingerbread Egg
    • Christmas Tree Egg
    • Egg of Many Gifts
  • New Gingerbread Currency
  • 23 New Pets – Including three new Mythicals and three new exclusive pets
  • Santa Paws Gifts – A random gift given to players
  • Gingerbread Chest – Harvest for Gingerbread, Spawns every 15-30 Minutes
  • Festive Lootbags

There have been regular game changes as well:

  • Added Unequip All Button
  • Added Pet Icon Loading Animation
  • Coin Selection Bug Fixed
  • Boost Calculations Fixed

Update 2

  • Christmas Event Quests are Now Available
  • 8 New Hoverboards Released
  • Super Magnet Gamepass Released for 400 Robux
  • Reworked Menu Bar
  • Candy Canes added to the Map
    • Break Candy Canes to earn Gingerbread
  • Limited Time Only INSANE Christmas Egg Added to the Store for 800 Robux

The general changes include:

  • Double Gingerbread Buff
  • Added SFX for boosts, etc.
  • Health Scaling added for Gingerbread Chests, Diamond Presents and Candy Canes based on were they spawn.
  • Increase Lootbag drop rate
  • Huge Festive Cat drop rate tripled

Now let’s take a look at how to have some fun with the new Christmas Update.

How to get to the Christmas World

Getting to the Christmas World couldn’t be easier. Head to Spawn world’s main town, and there will be a giant cannon right outside of it. Use the cannon, and it will take you right to the Christmas Event world. Afterward, you can buy a teleport to Christmas World for 50,000 Diamonds. 

Pet Simulator X Christmas World

Christmas Update Egg Rewards

The Christmas update has four new eggs. Eggs can be purchased with the new Gingerbread currency and can potentially give you 23 brand-new pets. These are limited-time eggs, so get them while they last! They will become valuable once the event is over.

Jolly Egg – Regular 20k and Gold 180k

Gingerbread Egg – Regular 125k and Gold 1.12m

Christmas Tree Egg – Regular 400k and Gold 3.6m

Egg of Many Gifts – Regular 1.25m

How to get Gingerbread

You can get Gingerbread the same way as any of the other currencies. You don’t need to be in a particular location to get Gingerbread. All of the coins, crates, chests, safes in any world will give you some Gingerbread. Besides the usual methods, you can also get Gingerbread from Santa Paws Gifts. These will be random drops, so all you have to do is play, and you will get them from time to time.

Santa Paws

There are also giant Gingerbread Chests that will spawn every 15 to 30 minutes. Keep on a lookout for those while you’re playing. The new Festive Lootbags will also drop you some Gingerbread. 

Gingerbread Chest

Of course, the fastest way to get Gingerbread is to head to your highest-level area with a mega chest and farm it. Get the new Christmas Egg pets as soon as you have the Gingerbread since they are limited-time Eggs and maybe much more powerful than your current pets. 

How to get a Free Hoverboard

The seconds Pet Simulator X Christmas update added 8 new hoverboards. One of them we can actually get now without spending any Robux. Here is a list of all of the hoverboards and what you need to get them.

  • Blue Flying Carpet – Top 10 in the Global Leaderboard
  • Flame Hoverboard – Be a BIG Games Partner
  • Sleigh Hoverboard – Complete the 2021 Christmas Event
  • Red Flying Carpet – Top 100 in the Global Leaderboard
  • Cat Hoverboard – Meow
  • Original Hoverboard – Own the Hoverboard Gamepass
  • Rainbow HoverboardRedeem a merch code
  • Bling Hoverboard – Spend over 100k Robux in total

Our free Hoverboard is the Sleigh Hoverboard which we can get by completing the 2021 Christmas Event quests. Head over to Christmas World and start doing your quests at the big Sleigh.

The Pet Simulator X Christmas update is complete with new Pet Simulator X codes. Head over to our codes page to check them out!

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