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Nintendo Teases Splatoon 3 with Weapons Showcase

Nintendo certainly knows how to keep the hype thrusters firing.
Image via Nintendo

My friends and I are all super hyped for the release of Splatoon 3 this September. We all had a blast with Splatoon 2, though after the last Splatfest things started to peter out a bit, so this is exactly the excuse we needed to start practicing again.

Nintendo certainly knows how to keep the hype thrusters firing, because over on the official Splatoon Twitter, they’ve been teasing Splatoon 3 with a weapons showcase.

Nintendo Teases Splatoon 3 with Weapons Showcase

Since last week, the Splatoon Twitter has been regularly posting brief clips showcasing all of the ink-shooting weaponry we have to look forward to in Splatoon 3. A particular tweet has already confirmed that all basic weapons from the previous game will be making a return in Splatoon 3, while further tweets have individually highlighted weapons old and new.

Here’s a list of all of the weapons that have been showcased so far:

  • Splattershot: Basic pistol-type weapon, standard strength and range
  • Splattershot Jr.: Light pistol, lower accuracy and range, but high capacity
  • .96 Gal: Heavy pistol, high strength, long range
  • Splat Charger: Charging rifle weapon, longer range than a Splattershot, average charge time
  • Classic Squiffer: Light rifle, shorter range than Splat Charger, but faster charge time
  • E-Liter 4K: Heavy rifle, extremely long range, but long charge time and high ink consumption
  • Tri-Stringer: New bow-type weapon, fires off three exploding ink shots in a cone shape

In addition to the regular weapons, we’ve also gotten some demonstrations of two of the new special weapons:

  • Ink Vac: Suck up enemy ink from the ground or in mid-flight and launch it back in an explosive burst
  • Triple Inkstrike: Launch the missiles and use the grenades to mark up to three targets for an aerial strike

Besides the weaponry, Nintendo has also given us hints of a new apparel brand, Barazushi, as well as the revamped banner and title system. There are sure to be lots of ways not only to wage ink-based warfare in Splatoon 3, but lots of ways to look your freshest while you do it.

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