Natus Vincere Beats Team Liquid, Advances to IEM Semifinals

The second match of the IEM Katowice 2020 quarterfinals has come to an end. Natus Vincere pulled out a 2-0 victory over Team Liquid on Dust2 and Inferno. They will be advancing to the semifinals to play Astralis tomorrow, Saturday, February 29th at 12:55 PM EST.

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Natus Vincere Beats Team Liquid, Advances to IEM Semifinals

S1mple led the strong performance from Natus Vincere with multiple rounds winning clutches against Team Liquid. This was by far the play of the match courtesy of s1mple:

Natus Vincere started on their map pick of Dust2 and secured the T-side pistol round, but Team Liquid came back in the next round thanks to a quad kill from EliGE. Team Liquid was up 4-2 until s1mple clutched a 1v4 situation to bring Natus Vincere back into the game and lead them to a 10-5 T-side finish.

After slacking on CT side and letting the game get to 10-9, Natus Vincere went on another strong won and finished out the game with a score of 16-11 thanks to s1mple’s triple AWP kill.

On Inferno, Natus Vincere again won the pistol round on T-side and lost the subsequent round to Team Liquid’s force buy. Liquid managed to take six rounds before Natus Vincere’s comeback put them at a significant lead in the second half of the match. Flamie and s1mple ended the match with a 2v1 situation victory to end it with a score of 16-13.

Here were the results from the Natus Vincere vs. Team Liquid quarterfinals BO3:

  • Map 1: Dust2 | Natus Vincere 16-11 Team Liquid
  • Map 2: Inferno | Natus Vincere 16-13 Team Liquid

Natus Vincere will be playing again in the semifinals tomorrow, February 29th at 12:55 PM EST against Astralis.

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