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How Many Players Can Be in a MUCK Server?

How Many Players Can Be in a MUCK Server?

While some folks prefer to play survival crafting games by themselves for the thrill and skill of it, many others enjoy forming their own online communities. This is why there are so many different Minecraft servers, for example. MUCK is very much the same way, with plenty of potential for cooperative (or not so cooperative) shenanigans, but since it’s a smaller game than Minecraft, it stands to reason its servers don’t have quite as much muscle. So, how many players can be in a MUCK server?

Since MUCK is still a very young game, the only way to have other people join your server is to share the server’s precise ID with them. This means copying it down and either direct-messaging it to your friends or posting it on the Steam forums with an open invitation for anyone who’s interested. Technically speaking, MUCK’s servers don’t have a hard cap on the number of players that can join at once. That said, even if there isn’t an explicit counter, the servers themselves will let you know when enough is enough, if you catch my drift.

How Many Players Can Be in a MUCK Server?

A single MUCK server can usually accommodate around 8 players. If you’re not doing anything too intensive on your server, you may be able to sustain up to 10. Any more than that, though, and the server will begin to buckle under its own weight, slowing down to a near freeze.

If you’re an enterprising sort, you could, in theory, run a server on a homemade ticket system, only allowing up to 8 people in at once and kicking anyone else who attempts to enter until someone leaves of their own volition, but that would require making someone an admin and would probably result in screaming matches, so maybe you should just be careful about how many people you share the server ID with.

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