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Best MUCK Seeds for Loot and Resources (Update 4)

It's Time to Boost!
Best MUCK Seeds for Loot
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MUCK is one of the latest in the ever-expanding genre of survival crafting simulators on Steam. It doesn’t waste your time with a lot of set-dressing or backstory; you’re on an island, you start with nothing, try not to die! But, unlike a lot of those games, MUCK is free. And, despite its simplicity, there’s more than enough content to attract new players — not to mention a fair number of threats that want to tear your head off promptly. If you’re having bad luck getting a run started in earnest, try using an existing seed to give yourself a much needed boost.

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Like Minecraft, Valheim, or really, any randomly generated survival crafting game, MUCK generates worlds based on a seed system. Seeds manifest as an alphanumeric code that determines the shape of your world in addition to the spawn rates and locations. When you start a new server, you’re given a random seed, but there is an option to input a more specific seed if you’re after a specific resource or spawn. Here are the best specific seeds in MUCK for loot and resources.

Best MUCK Seeds for Loot

Here are some MUCK seeds with helpful features close to your starting point:

  • Dev: Start with the Night Blade sword.
  • -184745390: Spawn near the Chief’s Spear.
  • poopoo: Starts near a shed containing a Mithril Axe, Steel Sword, and Steel Pick.
  • 7155564: Spawn near a hut with a Mithril Sword, Steel Helmet, Boots, and Pickaxe, in addition to a supply of coins, wood, coal, and two maps!
  • 689132638: Spawn next to two huts, one of which contains a Mithril Sword.
  • 69420: Spawn near two Chief’s Huts, two chest-loaded carts nearby.
  • 6705893: Plenty of loot, including obamium.
  • BigChunk: Chock full of resources, including trees, rock, iron, mithril, and adamantite.
  • 7326963: Spawn near supply of mithril, obamium and adamantite.
  • 621397: Spawn near supply of obamium, adamantite, iron, and gold!
  • banana: Start near a hut with a Steel Pick and boots.
  • Daniisking: Start near a hut with some helpful early-game tools.
  • 896066: Spawn near cave with rubies, adamantite, obamium, mithril, and gold!
  • 3284124: Spawn near cave with rubies and gold, but in order to reach it, you’ll have to take down two Stone Golems! Risk and Reward. Risk and Reward …
  • 1351518951: Spawn near supply of mithril and adamantite bars, as well as a mithril axe!

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Here is a seed that will get you one of the best items in the game right at the start. Go to the location shown in the image above, and you will get to a cave with two green chests. One chest will have the Night Blade sword in it! To top it off, you also spawn near two villages.


Another one of the best Muck seeds for starting out with a powerful weapon is -184745390. In this seed, you can find the Chief’s Spear inside of the Chief’s Chest. You can find the chest at the location on the map above. It is a comparable weapon to the Night Blade with slightly less overall damage per second.

How to enter a seed in MUCK

To enter a seed in MUCK, simply click “Host Lobby” on the main menu to bring up the new world menu. In the bottom section of the Settings box on the right, you’ll see a window where you can manually enter a seed. Type in the seed you want and click the start button, and the world will be generated to the seed’s specifications.

How to enter a seed in MUCK

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