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How to get Gronk’s Sword in MUCK

How to get Gronk's Sword in MUCK

I’ve played enough online games to know that whenever a monster has a big honkin’ sword, most peoples’ first question is “can I take it from them?” Case in point, the most recent update to MUCK features a new boss, Gronk, who swings around two gigantic swords that look not unlike Cloud Strife’s Buster Sword. Everyone loves giant swords, so I believe it’s time we relieve Gronk of his possessions. Here’s how to get Gronk’s Sword in MUCK.

The only way to obtain Gronk’s sword is, well, to kill him. He really likes that sword, he’s not gonna give it up without a fight. Gronk isn’t very fast, but he hits like a freight train, so if you want to put up a good fight against him, you’ll need strong armor and both melee and ranged weaponry. As with just about any encounter in MUCK, your best choice of armor is Mithril Armor, though that’ll require a total of 45 Mithril bars to forge the whole set. If you’ve got some extra Mithril, a Mithril Sword would most definitely be helpful as well, though the most important weapon is an Ancient Bow with Elemental Arrows. Any means you have of dealing good damage to Gronk without standing right next to him should be utilized.

How to get Gronk’s Sword in MUCK

When you’re armed for battle, you’ll need to find Gronk. He’ll appear randomly in the world on the fifth or sixth day of survival, but if you’re impatient, you can also summon him manually by finding and activating Gronk’s Statue somewhere in the world. 

Gronk has three main attacks:

  1. A forward-dashing stab
  2. Throwing his swords at you
  3. Smashing the ground

He’ll always perform these three attacks in this precise order. Try to get into a rhythm of dodging his attacks and maneuvering your way behind him. His back is completely defenseless, so that’s where you can deal the safest damage. Watch out for his ground smash attack, as it’ll launch several small projectiles your way. They’re a bit hard to dodge horizontally, but you can jump over them. After every attack, and the ground slam especially, Gronk will stay still and leave himself open for a moment, so that’s when you really want to let him have it.

Once you widdle him down to nothing, Gronk will fall over, rewarding you with his sword, as well as an Ancient Core, a Blade, and a Sword Hilt. Don’t worry if you lose Gronk’s Sword; once you get it the first time, you can craft another one with:

  • 1 Blade
  • 1 Sword Hilt
  • 10 Dark Oak Wood

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