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Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord Smithing Guide

Mount and Blade Bannerlord / TaleWorlds Entertainment

This guide will take an in-depth look at smithing in Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord. Keep in mind this game is still in early access, and smithing does not seem completely finished and polished yet. This means things are subject to change in the future.

Gathering Wood

To become a great smith, you will need to gather a lot of hardwood. This can be found in small towns and cities in the trade section. Try and buy some for around 9 or 10 gold. It can go for as high as 30 if someone is trying to rip you off.

Mount and Blade Bannerlord / TaleWorlds Entertainment


Head over to the local smith and head to the “Refine” tab. We’ll want to start by refining as much hardwood to charcoal as possible. As you level up your smithing and get more perks, you’ll be able to refine things more efficiently.

This tab can also be used to refine the things we loot or purchase from traders. Iron is what we’ll be using to craft weapons in the future. One important thing to note here is that your character has something called “Smithy Stamina”. You will need to rest after your Smithy Stamina gets low before you can continue your smithing.

Mount and Blade Bannerlord / TaleWorlds Entertainment


Next, you’ll want to take any unwanted weapons you have in your inventory and turn them into materials through smelting. As you smelt down weapons you will learn new smithing parts as you go. We’ll be using the materials gained from smelting to forge some weapons.

Mount and Blade Bannerlord / TaleWorlds Entertainment


Now for the part where we choose what kind of weapon we want to forge. You will have to decide if you want something fast, something with reach, something with damage, etc…

There are a ton of different things to choose from here like material, weapon shape, weapon hilt, weapon size, and more. The more complex the weapon, the more difficult it will be to craft. You’ll see a bar on the left of your screen that shows the difficulty of the weapon you’re trying to forge.

If the difficulty is above your smithing level, the resulting weapon will not be exactly what you wanted it to be. Some stats on the weapon will be much lower due to the difficulty.

If you end up with a bad weapon, you can always smelt it down for parts and head to the next section to figure out how to forge something within your smithing skill level.

Mount and Blade Bannerlord / TaleWorlds Entertainment

Forging Good Items

You want to pay attention to the Tiers of each part of the weapon you are forging. There are 5 tiers that each have different difficulties, and these will be added up to determine the total difficulty of the item you are trying to forge.

  • Tier 1 – 10 Difficulty
  • Tier 2 – 20 Difficulty
  • Tier 3 – 30 Difficulty
  • Tier 4 – 40 Difficulty
  • Tier 5 – 50 Difficulty
Mount and Blade Bannerlord / TaleWorlds Entertainment

There are four parts of the weapon to pick out before you forge it. Pick the tiers so the total difficulty level is within your skill. For example, you may want

  • Tier 3 Blade = 30 Difficulty
  • Tier 1 Handguard = 10 Difficulty
  • Tier 1 Grip = 10 Difficulty
  • Tier 1 Pommel = 10 Difficulty
  • Total = 60 Difficulty

As long as the item is within your difficulty level, you will get all the intended stats.

This should give you the basic idea of how to use Smithing to create some good weapon upgrades for yourself. There are some items that you can’t craft yet due to the game still being in Early Access. We’ll update this as the game progresses.

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