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Melee Simulator codes – free gems and cash (April 2023)

Melee Simulator codes

Melee Simulator is a roleplaying game and sword simulator hybrid game from developer Novelty Games on the Roblox platform. Players can battle monsters and earn cash and gems. Use the currency to unlock new worlds, upgrade your weapons and swords, and purchase pets to help you along the way. Become the strongest fighter you can be in the number one melee simulation game! We have a complete list of working Melee Simulator codes that you can use for free cash, gems, and boosts.

Melee Simulator codes

  • 2020: Gems.  
  • 2MIL: 25,000 Cash.  
  • 60KGROUP: 60,000 Cash.  
  • 7K: 7,000 Gems.  
  • 80K: 80,000 Cash.  
  • 8500LIKES: Double cash boost for fifteen minutes.  
  • BIGCASH: Cash.  
  • C45H3Z: 15,000 Cash.  
  • D4SH: Double speed boost for fifteen minutes.  
  • DELMOZ: 250 Gems.  
  • DRAGOR: 2,500 Gems.  
  • ELVILLE: Invincibility boost.  
  • EVIL: Auto-sell boost.  
  • EZCASH: Double cash boost for five minutes.  
  • FREECODE: 25,000 Cash.  
  • G3M: 15 Gems.  
  • G3MMY: 50 Gems.  
  • GALAXY: 50,000 Cash.  
  • INVINCIBL3: Invincibility boost for ten minutes.  
  • JULY4: 500 Gems.  
  • MONEYMONEY: 50,000 Cash.  
  • NOVELTY: 50,000 Cash.  
  • PETZ: 15 Gems.  
  • QUICKSELL: Auto-sell boost for five minutes.  
  • SPRINT3R: Double speed boost for fifteen minutes.  
  • WILDWEST: Boost.    

How do you redeem Melee Simulator codes?

Redeeming codes in Melee Simulator is a similar process to other Roblox games. Start by launching the game and allowing it to load on your device. You should see a purple codes button on the screen’s right-hand side. Tap the button, which will bring up a codes window with a spot for you to enter the codes. You can copy and paste or manually type in any of the ones listed above and then tap on redeem to get your reward.

Melee Simulator last received an update on April 30, 2021, and features changes include a new Easter World and limited-time Easter Egg pets. You can join the Novelty Games group on Roblox for a free wooden club and special chat tag.

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