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Marvel’s Avengers beta start times and release dates

Marvel's Avengers beta start times

The Marvel’s Avengers beta start times are right around the corner. This new action-adventure game from Crystal Dynamics, the developers behind Tomb Raider, and Eidos is set to release on September 4, 2020. Players can enjoy solo play offline, or some online co-op gameplay with up to three other players. Fans can pick this game up for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, along with next-generation consoles when they release.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Marvel’s Avengers beta start times and dates.

Marvel’s Avengers beta start times and dates

The Marvel’s Avengers beta takes place throughout three weekends. The first weekend is exclusively for PlayStation pre-orders, followed by PS4, Xbox, and PC pre-orders, and finally, an all-out open beta. Here is the Marvel’s Avenger beta start and end times and dates:

PlayStationAugust 7 @ 9:00 PM LocalAugust 9 @ 9 PM Local
PS4/Xbox/PCAugust 14 @ 9:00 PM LocalAugust 16 @ 9 PM Local
All PlatformsAugust 21 @ 9:00 PM LocalAugust 23 @ 9 PM Local

Players can get a head start and preload the game on the Thursday before the beta weekends. You can only preload the game if you have access to the beta via pre-order. The first preload begins today, August 6, for PlayStation 4 users who pre-order the game. The total file size is around 27 GB.

Xbox One users will need to have Gold if they plan to play online with friends or co-op. If you plan to play solo against computers and AI, there’s no need for Gold. For PlayStation users, a Plus subscription is not required for any of the content.

Marvel’s Avengers Beta Content

Each of the three beta weekends provides access to the same content. You will be able to complete a total of four different hero missions, war zones, and a few drop zones. War zones are co-op or solo missions with an objective. 

Players can choose between four different Avengers, including Iron Man, Black Widow, Hulk, and Ms. Marvel. You can level any of the characters up to level fifteen, with a power level of 45. As part of the beta, you also get some in-game currency to spend on cosmetics to test out the microtransactions. 

If you plan to participate in all three beta weekends, you can maintain your progress from week to week. Similarly, players can carry over their progress to next-generation consoles PS5 and Xbox Series X. Make sure you’re available for the Marvel’s Avengers beta start times if you want to try this game out before the official launch.

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