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Can you Become a Megalodon in Maneater?

Maneater Megalodon
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As far back as 23 million years ago, massive super-predators freely roamed the surface of the Earth. During the Early Miocene period, one of the biggest, baddest predators was the megalodon, an ancient ancestor of modern saltwater sharks. No fully intact fossils of megalodons have been uncovered, but there have been teeth and jaw samples. From these samples, we can ballpark a megalodon’s size at around 10.5 meters, or around 34 feet. Now just imagine if you could control such a behemoth in a game like Maneater. But can you become a megalodon in Maneater?

A major part of Maneater’s mechanics is how your bull shark evolves and mutates into a more vicious predator as it hunts and devours its prey. Naturally, a big part of that evolution process is a substantial increase in size. By the time you reach the last leg of the game and have hit level 30, you grow in size to become a “Mega” shark. But is a mega shark the same thing as a megalodon? Not exactly.

Can you Become a Megalodon in Maneater?

By the time you reach mega status, your shark will be around 9 meters long, or about 30 feet. Since the 10.5 meter length of the megalodon is estimated to be on the smaller end of the creature’s growth, it’s unlikely that anything smaller than that could really be considered a megalodon. Even if it was, it’d be a bit of a semantical situation. 

So, in more concise terms, no, you don’t get to become a gigantic ancient superpredator. You do, however, get to become pretty gosh-darned big. You know the largest great white shark in history was only 6.1 meters long? That means you get to be bigger than that! That’s bigger than Jaws, at least.

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