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How to Evolve into an Elder in Maneater

How to Evolve into an Elder in Maneater

You know why really old predator animals are so scary? It’s because in spite of constantly getting into fights and having pieces of themselves torn off, they’re still just as vicious and powerful, if not more so. Don’t mess with a monster that’s managed to stand strong against the onslaught of time. If you’d like to become a grizzled old shark, then here’s how to evolve into an Elder in Maneater.

 How to Evolve into an Elder in Maneater

As is the case with evolving from a Pup to a Teen and a Teen to an Adult, the impetus of evolution from Adult to Elder in Maneater is eating. “Eating what,” you ask? Everything. Just… the concept of eating. Eating other marine life, eating random humans, and perhaps most importantly, eating shark hunters. As you subject the world to your horrible jaws, you’ll gain experience and level up, and at certain experience thresholds, you’ll evolve.

  • Pup to Teen: Level 4
  • Teen to Adult: Level 10
  • Adult to Elder: Level 20
  • Elder to Mega: Level 30

However, in the case of evolution from Adult to Elder, there’s an additional wrinkle: you need to reach a particular point of story progression. If you haven’t met this point, you won’t evolve, even if you’re at or above Level 20.

The point in question is the boss fight against Scaly Pete, the head honcho of Sapphire Bay. Scaly Pete won’t just show up for any ol’ shark, though. To get Scaly Pete’s attention, you’re gonna have to raise a proper ruckus. You’ll want to complete as many missions in Sapphire Bay as you can, defeat the Apex Hammerhead Shark, raise your area completion to at least 50%, and most importantly, raise your Infamy level. Players report Scaly Pete appearing most consistently at Infamy level 7, though to get to level 7, you’ll first need to get to Infamy level 6, then defeat Lieutenant Shannon Sims.

When you hit Infamy level 7, you should get a marker with Scaly Pete’s location, so go track him down and take a bite out of him. After you defeat Scaly Pete, you can return to your Grotto and, assuming you’re already Level 20, evolve from an Adult into an Elder.

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