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How to Jump Higher in Maneater

How to Jump Higher in Maneater
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Here’s a fun fact: the term “jumping the shark,” which refers to when a TV series crosses a threshold of absolute nonsense in an effort to turn heads and stay relevant, originated from an episode of Happy Days when the Fonz quite literally jumped over a shark on a pair of water skis. This is why, whenever sharks go airborne for one reason or another, people tend to make the obvious joke. Of course, maybe there’d be less jokes if a shark actually jumped at you. Here’s how to jump higher in Maneater.

The height that your shark is able to jump in Maneater is heavily dependent on its size. If it’s still a young, relatively small shark, it won’t be able to get more than a couple of feet out of the water. This is a design decision to keep you from getting your teeth on too many things too early in the game. As you level up and get larger, your jumping ability will increase, to the point that an Elder or Mega shark can make terrifying, soaring leaps. 

How to Jump Higher in Maneater

In addition to size, though, there’s also a matter of technique you need to consider. If you try to launch yourself right off of the surface of the water, you’re obviously not gonna get as high as you might like. To get the absolute max possible distance out of your jumps, you gotta put a little oomph into it by diving down deep first. When you’re as deep as you can go, shoot back toward the surface by holding the dash button. You’ll automatically lunge a short distance out of the water, and if you press the jump button right at the peak of the lunge, you’ll jump out of it and go even higher.

Remember, this trick only works in sufficiently deep water; you need enough space to build up speed for a full-strength lunge. If the water is too shallow, you won’t be able to maximize your jump.

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