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How to Beat a Cover 3 Defense in Madden 21

How to Beat a Cover 3 Defense in Madden 21

Whether you are a Madden regular or a Madden newcomer, you know that the most exciting part of the game comes on the offensive side of the ball. However, Madden 21 has come with various defensive cover schemes and personnel designed to trip you up as you line up at scrimmage. 

When you line up behind center, you will notice the defense motion into either a man defense or a zone defense. And of the zone defenses used in Madden 21, the cover 3 defense is, without a doubt, the most popular. 

To help you learn how to master the art of beating these nasty Cover 3 Defenses in Madden 21, we have come up with the following solution. 

How to Beat a Cover 3 Defense in Madden 21

For you to properly beat a top-tier Cover 3 defense in Madden 21, you will need to look for the following team, formation, group, and play call. 

  • Playbook: Seattle Seahawks
  • Formation: Gun
  • Group: Gun Wing Slot Offset
  • Play: PA Double Post

Once you’ve chosen this play call, you will need to make some adjustments at the line of scrimmage to beat a Cover 3 defense successfully. 

When lined up against Cover 3 (or Cover 4), Set receiver in motion to the left side, and throw it into an option route. Have the receiver run a flat route to attract the attention of the Free Safety. 

This will open up the middle of the field beautifully, as the FS will be forced to follow the receiver down field, and the MLB will need to stay on top of the receiver’s route. Leaving the receiver wide open every time

In this scenario, your QB wouldn’t need to scramble outside of the pocket and can rather just sit back and watch the defense unravel. 

This play call would work best with a speedy WR, and a mobile QB (in the case that you are pressured and need to step outside the pocket), 

One of the following duos would be ideal:

  • Josh Allen/Stefon Diggs
  • Lamar Jackson/Marquise Brown
  • Patrick Mahomes/Tyreek Hill
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