“Life By You” New Sim Game Announced by Paradox

What can we expect from the latest life sim game?
Life by You Announced
Image via Paradox Interactive

The company that created City Skylines (and a sequel that’s announced for this year) is bringing a new life sim game to the table – Life by You. Paradox gave a one-minute teaser for their new game and we won’t know the details until their event on March 20, but there is certainly a lot to talk about here.

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The game they presented gives a strong feeling of a quality SIMS competitor with many novelties and potential aces up its sleeve. Read on to get our take on the latest release from the Paradox.

Everything You Should Know About Paradox’s “Life by You”

Video by Paradox

The teaser for Life by You which was dropped at the same time gives a lot of information and doesn’t tell us much. The video showcased vast parks, cars driving through the city, romances, beaches, building editor, and more.

From the scenes seen in the game, we can see that it has solid graphics and all the usual day-to-day things that you would expect from a game like this. The deal breaker here would be the “add-ons” that weren’t expected and that competitors like SIMS don’t have (such as characters using cars).

The biggest thrill is certainly coming from the fact that Rod Humble, a developer that worked on SIMS 2, SIMS 3, and Second Life is working on Life by You. That fact doesn’t give reassurance by itself but it certainly encourages fans to be optimistic about the release.

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Life by you VS SIMS

The game is showing enormous potential through the teaser video because even SIMS didn’t have cars or an original open-world experience. If either of these become available it will be big news.

Mentioning SIMS is vital in this context since the game has had a monopoly on the life sim genre and if Life by You delivers that situation will surely change. A good competitor like Paradox’s game can even stimulate developers of SIMS to bring out a better experience in their future releases and the winner of that situation are always the players.

Modding in Life by You?

Modding is very important in the life sim community and whether Life by You will allow for it can be vital for many players. Enthusiastic developer-fans always like to add things they see that the community wants and can spice things up in a good way without burdening the official developers. Oftentimes, the mods don’t have to be big. Small tweaks here and there have time and time again proven to have the ability to vastly improve the gameplay experience for many games.

Waiting for the Event

In the end, we can just speculate until March 20 at 11 AM ET when Paradox will announce the game officially and give us much more details about what we can expect. It is definitely an exciting moment for every life sim and simulator fan because we might be witnessing a moment when this whole genre takes a big step forward.

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