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Is HYENAS Multiplayer? Answered

Is SEGA going multiplayer FPS?
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HYENAS is a first-person shooter multi-team game by SEGA with Creative Assembly. The announcement trailer boasts colorful art and style similar to Fortnite or Borderlands. This begs the question, is it multiplayer?

Is HYENAS Multiplayer?

Yes, HYENAS is the latest online multiplayer shooter that SEGA hopes to be a sensation. Creative Assembly is developing and is responsible for games like Alien: Isolation and Halo Wars 2. While there could be some gameplay overlap or familiar feel when HYENAS comes out, their official Twitter wants people to know for sure it is NOT a battle royale game.

In going over ideas for gameplay and overall multiplayer function, creative director Charlie Bewsher had this to say in an interview with IGN:

“We didn’t want to make a battle royale, but we wanted to take that idea of creating this unpredictable, chaotic space where players would find this new gameplay, find new tactics, and ultimately find new player stories.”

Each match will host up to 15 players which will then be divided into 5 teams of 3. The teams will battle each other and have to steal treasures while navigating large freighter ships. The team who escapes with the most loot wins. According to Bewsher, the game will feature interactive maps in which players will need to use the environment to their advantage.

Since these battles take place on ships going to and from Earth and Mars, there will also be zero gravity gameplay. Parts of the maps will allow you to float around as you fight to survive. Some locations will have on/off switches for zero-gravity opportunities. Characters will have maglock boots to help with the gravity issues.

Each map is pretty large with many rooms, hangars, corridors, and vaults to explore and utilize during gameplay. Brewster hints the maps are larger than the average PvP deathmatch map, but not quite as large as a battle royale map. The team at Creative Assembly does seem to take inspiration from the gameplay of Fortnite and Warzone, however.

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