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How to Tame Lox in Valheim

How to Tame Lox in Valheim

Every pioneering homestead requires beasts of burden. Having animals handy gives you a supply of natural resources, as well as something fuzzy to enjoy looking at once in a while. Admittedly, the Lox of Valheim provide no tangible benefit, and they’re not especially cute, but hey, you’re a strapping young Norseman. If it’s there, you tame it. Here’s how to tame Lox in Valheim.

The Lox are large, fuzzy, rhinoceros-like animals that roam the Plains biome. Despite their prodigious size, they’re rather skittish creatures; just standing near one is enough to agitate it into attacking you, and they can even attack you while in the water. However, Lox are severely lacking in the senses department, possessing the worst vision and hearing out of any animal in the game. You can actually sneak right up behind one without even crouching. This’ll come in handy if you’re looking to tame a couple.

How to Tame Lox in Valheim

To tame a Lox, start by building a pen around it. Unlike other tamable animals such as boars, wooden enclosures won’t cut it here. A Lox can break down a wooden fence almost instantly. As such, you’ll need to build your pen out of solid stone. 

Once you’ve erected a pen around the Lox, or successfully lured an aggroed Lox into an open one (make sure you wait until it calms down if you go this route), start dropping vegetation on the ground for it to snack on. Lox enjoy barley, flax, and cloudberries. Keep feeding the Lox until it gets its fill, and eventually it’ll start liking you. Congrats, you’ve tamed a Lox. Make sure to keep it fed.

If you were hoping to breed Lox to make Lox babies, then we’ve got some bad news: as of writing, Lox breeding has not yet been implemented into the game. Presumably, whenever it is added, it’ll work similarly to how it does with boars and other tamable animals, but for the moment, putting two Lox in an enclosure together won’t do anything.

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