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How to Summon All Bosses in Valheim

How to Summon All Bosses in Valheim

Valheim is a hardcore Viking survival game with randomly generated worlds. Since everyone’s worlds are different, players must explore on their own to uncover the mysteries of Valheim. The map is segmented into a few different biomes containing Forsaken bosses, including the Meadows, Black Forest, Swamps, Mountains, and Plains. The bosses aren’t just hanging out in the world, though; you’ll need to do a few things to make them appear. Here’s how to summon all the bosses in Valheim

Summoning bosses in Valheim requires some sacrificial offerings, which is always an item you’ll find while exploring the biome. Each biome contains hidden stone runes. Interacting with these runes reveals the summoning altar for the biome-specific boss at an entirely random location. The altar is where you’ll have to place the proper items to begin the fight. 

During your travels, you’ll also traverse the Ocean biome and a work-in-progress Mistlands biome. These are two biomes that have no forsaken boss at this time. Valheim is still in early access, and we will update this post as new content becomes available. 

How to Summon All Bosses in Valheim

Here’s how to summon all the bosses currently in Valheim:

  • Eikthyr – Meadows: 2 Deer Trophies
  • The Elder – Black Forest: 3 Ancient Seeds
  • Bonemass – Swamps: 10 Withered Bones
  • Moder – Mountains: 3 Dragon Eggs
  • Yagluth – Plains: 5 Fuling Trophies

Eikthyr of the Meadows

Eikthyr is the first boss you’ll encounter in the starting biome. He’s a giant deer boss, and you’ll need two deer trophies to begin the fight. You can obtain deer trophies from any random wild deer with a star icon next to its name. The rune to find Eikthyr’s summoning altar is randomly located somewhere in the Meadows, typically inside an abandoned house.

The Elder of the Black Forest

The Elder is the second boss in Valheim and the king of the Black Forest. To summon The Elder, you’ll need to obtain 3 Ancient Seeds from Greydwarf Shaman or the purple Greydwarf summoning portals. The rune to reveal The Elder’s summoning location is typically in a random delve.

Bonemass of the Swamps

Bonemass is the third boss in Valheim and the ruler of the Swamps. To summon him, you’ll need to procure 10 Withered Bones, which you can obtain from Sunken Crypts and random drops off skeletons. You can find the rune to reveal Bonemass in a Sunken Crypt.

Moder of the Mountains

Moder is the frost dragon and Forsaken boss of the Mountain biome. To summon her, you’ll need to offer three of her Dragon Eggs at the summoning altar. You can find Dragon Eggs in the Mountain biome in nests guarded by flying Drakes. Each egg weighs over 200 kg, so each party member will need to grab one, or you’ll have to make multiple trips. You can usually find the rune to reveal Moder’s summoning area inside one of the stone towers.

Yagluth of the Plains

Yagluth is the Forsaken boss of the Plains biome and the final boss in Valheim at the time of writing. To summon Yagluth, you’ll need to acquire five Fuling Totems, which can be found off of Fuling Berserkers and randomly around Fuling Camps in the Plains. Yagluth’s summoning location rune is usually in a random Fuling camp.

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