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How to Set Up a Dedicated Multiplayer Server in Valheim

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While it’s perfectly possible to enjoy the Valheim experience playing solo, it’s definitely one of those games that only gets better with some friends. There are community servers you can join, though that does mean having to share a world seed with a bunch of other people and playing by their rules. You can host a game locally with other people in the same room as you, but due to current world circumstances, that may not be such a good idea. That leaves just one option: dedicated servers! Here’s how you can set up your own dedicated multiplayer server in Valheim.

Dedicated servers are great for folks who want to play Valheim over the internet with their friends, and only their friends. It ensures a completely fresh experience that you and your buddies can journey through together at your own pace without worrying about other players mucking things up in the distance. Setting up a dedicated server isn’t especially difficult, at least compared to some other games, but it will take a bit of tinkering.

How to Set Up a Dedicated Multiplayer Server in Valheim

If you set up a private server that won’t show up in the community list. Your friends may need to join the server via an IP address. You will need to give them your external IP address to join. You can get your address by going to WhatIsMyIPAddress and giving them that number.

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