How to Open Labyrinth Red Door in Remnant 2

For once, people actually want to open the ominous spooky door.
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Secrets that require the brainpower of an entire community of people can make or brake a game. There’s a fine line between making a secret rewardingly hard, and completely nonsensical. It seems that Remnant 2 is in the running of these kinds of secrets. Since it’s early access release, players have been scouring over data they’ve mined from the game, as well as putting a massive amount of playtime in to find these secrets. Secrets like new passageways, items, and entire archetypes are just a few things people can find. However there seems to be one instance in particular that has been vexing players from all over the world. So let’s grab some friends and figure out how to open Labyrinth Red Door in Remnant 2.

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How to Open Labyrinth Red Door in Remnant 2

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The Labyrinth is the second biome that players will come across in Remnant 2 regardless of your starting area. Labeled as the world between worlds, the Labyrinth comes equipped with these gold-shining special doors all around the environment. Doors that when opened, transport you away to another biome entirely, rather than in the one you’re currently in. However, one of these doors is not like the rest. After resting at the checkpoint with the shifting portal in front of it, players should wait until they see an area that looks like you would fall to your death if you went through it. Instead of death awaiting you on the other side of the portal, more magical stairs will appear under you, allowing you to navigate over to a larger platform.

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And once you’ve dispatched the enemies here, you’ll notice one of these large doors in this area. This door is unlike any other, with reddish-orange data lines etched around the frame of it. This door is where players can unlock the a secret archetype class named Archon. And after a mere 4 days after the game launched, people finally heard news from the devs themselves about the secret archetype. And thanks to Reddit user FoskitoNegro, we know that in order to enter this door, you’ll need to be Corrupted along with having the Master Portal Key. With the Principal Director of the the game letting people know the only way players could have found out about the class was from datamining Remnant 2. Something he was counting on.

How to Enter Labyrinth Red Door in Remnant 2

After congratulating the players for finding the class, the devs made the door unlockable, but not before you have certain items equipped. Here are all the pieces of gear, rings, skills, and weapons you’ll need to have in order to enter the door:

Archetypes/EquipmentNameHow to Get
ExplorerFortune HunterReach level 10
InvaderWormholeReach level 10
ArmorExplorer’s SetBuy from Whispers after beating the game with Explorer class, or start as Explorer
RelicVoid HeartDefeat Sha’Hala: Spectral Guardian of N’Erud and then wait 12 hours in real-time
AmuletLeto’s AmuletFlop 100 times while wearing Leto’s Armor Mark II. It then can be bought from Reggie
Ring #1Amber MoonstonePurchase from Cass in Ward 13
Ring #2Black Cat BandPurchase from Reggie after dying 15 times
Ring #3Anastasija’s InsirpationFound in Root Earth, also can be bought from Whispers
Ring #4Zania’s MaliceFound in Root Earth – Ashen Wasteland
Long GunFord’s ScattergunStarting gun for Explorer, or can be found in Yaesha – The Red Throne
MeeleLabyrinth’s StaffFound in the Labyrinth
Hand GunCube GunCraftable after defeating the Labyrinth Sentinel

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