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How to Land a Sponsorship in Override 2

How to Land a Sponsorship in Override 2
Image via Modus Games

Battling giant robots is a sport on par with baseball or basketball or whatever else. The fun thing about organizing giant robot battles into a cohesive league is that with league play comes advertising deals, and with advertising deals comes fat stacks. And who doesn’t like fat stacks, really? Here’s how to land a sponsorship in Override 2: Super Mech League.

A Round of Applause for Today’s Sponsors

Every bout you fight in Override 2’s League mode will net you some cash, but usually only a couple hundred bananas a pop. You’ve got mechs and parts to buy; a few hundred a go is no way to live. This is why you’ll want to secure a little financial aid from one of the league’s numerous sponsors. Don’t expect to just stand there and get paid, though; if you want those fat advertising dollars, you’re gonna have to work for them.

How to Land a Sponsorship in Override 2

After you progress a certain amount into the league, Zoe will inform you that you’ve been approached for a sponsorship deal, which you can choose to accept or reject. Accepting the deal doesn’t get you the money, though. Every sponsorship deal comes with an attached challenge that you need to clear before you get your paycheck. These challenges are usually pretty straightforward, ranging from stuff like “perform X number of grab attacks” to “block X number of attacks.” 

The required numbers are usually large enough that you won’t be able to clear the challenges in a single fight. That’s okay; you’re allowed to go at these over the course of multiple fights. The real thing you need to watch out for is the time limit. Every sponsorship challenge has a time limit, and that timer is ticking down in real time, even if you don’t have the game open. If the timer ticks all the way down, your contract will expire, and you won’t get paid squat.

Thankfully, there’s no major penalty for missing a sponsorship besides missing out on the cash. Whether you let a sponsorship expire or just choose to reject it outright, another one will pop up soon enough after you play a few matches, so don’t feel pressured to take challenges you’re not comfortable with or don’t have time for. The sponsors may have the cash, but it’s your mech.

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