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How to Join a Club in Override 2

How to Join a Club in Override 2

One of the fun parts of being into professional sports is the notion that you’re part of something bigger than yourself. It’s not just you rooting for the home team, it’s all your friends and family working together. If you’re into that feeling of togetherness, you’ll definitely want to join one of Override 2: Super Mech League’s clubs. Here’s how to join a club in Override 2.

Join the Club, We’ve Got Jackets

After you reach veteran status in Override 2’s League mode (accomplished by winning enough matches to get to C grade in multiple leagues), you’ll receive an offer to join up with one of the League’s prestigious clubs. If you play Pokemon GO and are familiar with its three Teams, this will be a very familiar matter to you.

The three clubs are Magma, Pacifica, and Starlight. You can join any club you want, they’re all functionally the same. But what does joining a club do for you? Every club has its own influence meter that rises based on how many matches the club’s members win or lose. Depending on how high the influence meter is at the end of a week, all of the club’s members will receive varying cash prizes. For example, if your club only got a little influence, you’ll only get a few hundred bucks, but if the meter is maxed out at 1,000, you’ll get a gigantic 5,000 peanut payout.

To clarify, it’s not just your successes and failures that determine how much a club’s influence meter fills. Every player of Override 2 (or at least the ones connected to the server) contributes to their club’s influence, so if you want the biggest payouts, you’re gonna have to do your best to contribute to the team effort.

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