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How to Customize Your Mech in Override 2

How to Customize Your Mech in Override 2

I don’t think you could really consider yourself a professional driver, pilot, or whatever else unless your machine has a custom touch. What looks cooler, a completely generic, unpainted race car, or one with flame decals and a big spoiler on the back? The answer should be obvious, and the same is true for giant mechs. Here’s how to customize your mech in Override 2: Super Mech League.

How to Customize Your Mech in Override 2

In order to customize your mech, you’ll need to gain access to the mech Garage. Unlike in the first Override, though, you ain’t got a free pass into the Garage, at least not at first. To unlock the Garage, you’ll need to play a short ways into the League mode. During the first leg of your League conquest, the game will randomly assign you a gaggle of mech models to use, since rookies don’t get their own machines. 

Once you work your way up a bit, your manager, Zoe, will inform you that it’s time for you to get your own mech and start making a name for yourself. This is when you’ll gain access to the Garage, but since your current mechs are League-assigned, you can’t customize those. You’ll need to purchase your own mech for 1,000 coins; if you’re short on cash, win some more matches, or clear a Sponsorship.

Once you’ve got the dough, pick your favorite mech. This is the only one you’ll be able to use until you can afford more, so make it count! Once you’ve got your own suit, you can finally trick it out to your liking. Every mech features multi-colored armor sets you can buy with coins. Armor can be placed on the torso, both arms, and both legs, and they don’t all have to be the same color if you’re into that.

The real fun comes from the accessories, little random doodads you can add to your mech to give it a little pizzazz. I put a sombrero on mine, and I will never remove it as long as I live. Just remember that certain accessories can only be attached to certain parts of your mech. You can’t put a hat on your shoulder, for example; that’d just be silly.

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