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How to Kill Bracken in Lethal Company?

Bracken is broken but can you break him?
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Lethal Company puts the player in the role of a Company employee. The player’s mission is to collect scrap metal from abandoned industrial planets. During the game, you will encounter various opponents who will try to put an end to your exploration. One of those opponents is Bracken, a.k.a. Flower Man.

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How to Fight Against Bracken?

Bracken moves very quickly but also very quietly. Usually, you won’t hear him until he is right behind your back. If you want to avoid getting jump-scared by Flower Man, a good idea is to look behind constantly. In terms of behavior, Bracken resembles SCP-173, and he won’t move as long as someone looks at him directly.

Moving back while keeping eye contact with Bracken will save your skin. Even if he disappears, he’s always there just outside your field of vision, waiting to jump you. Although looking at Bracken is your best weapon against him, you shouldn’t use it too much. Bracken will get provoked if you gaze at him for too long. If you hear him growling, just avert your eyes from him and run as fast as you can.

Can You Kill Bracken?

Lethal Company is meant to be played as a multiplayer game. You will deal with Flower Man more easily if there are more of you. Although it is possible to kill Bracken, I wouldn’t recommend it because he could move through the squad, killing everyone in mere seconds. If you’re playing alone and you meet Bracken, all you can do is run and look back. Even in company, it’s very risky to kill Bracken, but it’s possible. Ironically, Bracken’s weakness is melee weapons. If you have a shovel or a sign, you can kill Bracken in a few swings. However, to do that you need at least one more accomplice that will stun Bracken with a zap gun or pose as bait. And be aware you’ll probably lose most of your squad to Bracken.

Who is Bracken?

Bracken (Flower Man) is one of Lethal Company’s most powerful enemies. Its appearance suggests a hybrid of a plant and a human. His skin is crimson as well. It is a very aggressive and intelligent creature. Therefore, you need to use extreme caution when around him.

Bracken is one of the toughest enemies in Lethal Company. For more related articles, check out How to Use Emotes in Lethal Company?

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