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How to get the True Ending in Neon White

You need to know the whole story to end it right.
Image via Angel Matrix/Annapurna Interactive

Neon White features a seemingly straightforward story about a deceased hitman/thief conscripted into an otherworldly demon-slaying battle for a right to remain in the paradise of Heaven. While the game emphasizes high-speed action, getting the full scope of its story requires a bit of slowing down. Here’s how to get the true ending in Neon White.

How to Get the True Ending in Neon White

Neon White features two endings: the Book of Death ending and the Book of Life ending, the latter of which is the true ending. The critical factor that determines the ending you get is Presents, the brightly-colored gifts you can give to your fellow Neons and Angels to get to know them better. Whenever you finish a stage for the first time, a Present will appear for you to go back and track down.

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In order to get the game’s true ending, you need to obtain every single Present possible and give them all to their proper recipients. The reason for this is that, in addition to amusing bits of dialogue and some bonus levels, giving Presents also unlocks memories of White’s past. Obtaining all 10 of the required memories means getting and giving every single Present. Don’t worry about progressing the story too far; even if a particular character is no longer… available, let’s say, you can still give them presents and see their memories by visiting the Neon Mask Shrine.

Image via Angel Matrix/Annapurna Interactive

Once you’ve given all of the Presents and obtained all of the memories, you can unlock the true ending. If you’ve already given all of the presents by the time you get to the final mission, you can get the true ending, but if you’re missing any, you’ll need to play through the entire final mission again, rather than just skipping to the final boss.

After completing the mission and the final boss, you’ll get a new dialogue option, allowing you to forgive Neon Green. Choose this option, and you’ll receive the true ending, backed by White’s fully-restored memories.

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