How to Get Solari in Dune Spice Wars

There are four main methods of accumulating Solari.
How to Get Solari in Dune Spice Wars

Do you have any idea how much money it takes to bankroll a hybrid farming and conquest operation? Me neither, but I’m willing to bet it’s a lot. You can’t become the most powerful dudes in the land if you don’t have the cold, hard cash to buy stuff, pay off jerks, and other assorted monetary requirements. In Dune: Spice Wars, the ones who control the Spice are the ones who control the universe, but the ones who have all the money are a close second. Here’s how to get Solari in Dune: Spice Wars.

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Solari is the universal currency used by all Factions in Dune: Spice Wars. Technically, it’s only the official currency of the Imperium, but money is money, and people ain’t picky about where it comes from. Solari is necessary to fund expansion and upkeep in your territories, hiring and training members of your military, and occasionally for bartering with other Factions. 

How to Get Solari in Dune Spice Wars

In general, there are four ways you can score more Solari to bankroll your Faction’s activities:

  • Selling Spice
  • Processing Rare Elements
  • Infiltrating CHOAM
  • Bartering

Selling Spice

Spice is, of course, the most valuable stuff in the universe, and there is always someone willing to pay for it. If you look at the top-left of your regular menu, you’ll see a readout explaining the current state of your Spice harvesting and production. There’s a slider on that menu that outlines how much of the Spice you obtain is going to your faction’s stockpile, and how much is being sold off for Solari. If you need Solari more than you need Spice, you can adjust the slider to sell off more Spice for more Solari, and vice versa.

Processing Rare Elements

Some of Arrakis’ Villages happened to be situated on or near deposits of Rare Elements. These Rare Elements can be harvested and sold off for a quick stack of Solari. To do so, just research Structured Warehouses enough to unlock Processing Plants, then build one in a Village near a Rare Element deposit. This will give you an additional 30 Solari in income.

Infiltrating CHOAM

In the Dune setting, the Combine Honnete Over Advancer Mercantiles, or “CHOAM,” is the big economic overseer thing that governs commerce throughout the universe, as well as a merchant of all kinds of wares. It’s through a contract with CHOAM that your Spice is regularly converted into Solari.

If you’re feeling gutsy, you can have agents of your Faction infiltrate CHOAM and skim some cash off the top. You can assign agents to this task under your Espionage tab, with each infiltrator raising your Solari income by 5. 


If all else fails, there’s always the good old-fashioned barter economy. If you’ve got a surplus of valuable resources like Plascrete, water, fuel cells, or whatever else, you can hock them to one of the neighboring Factions for some Solari.

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