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How to Get Manpower in Dune Spice Wars

How to Get Manpower in Dune Spice Wars

As important as funding and resources are to any burgeoning empire, you can’t run the entire operation from a fancy chair. Someone’s gotta be out in the thick of things to turn the cranks and lay the bricks. This is why one of the most important things a Faction can have in Dune: Spice Wars is Manpower. Here’s how to get Manpower in Dune: Spice Wars.

Manpower is a general metric of how many able-bodied folks you have under your Faction’s banner for various kinds of work. You need Manpower available to train up soldiers for your military units, and you also need them to run the Harvesters that bring in your all-important Spice. If you’re low on Manpower, you won’t have enough soldiers to defend your territory, nor will you have anyone handy to harvest the Spice.

How to Get Manpower in Dune Spice Wars

To get more Manpower, all you need to do is construct a Recruitment Center in any Village under your Faction’s control. These buildings will passively sign on new recruits for your Faction, at which point you can direct them toward training the military or manning the Harvesters. 

It wouldn’t hurt to build a Recruitment Center in any Village you control if you’ve got the space and funds for it, but if you want to maximize your Manpower, you should definitely build them in any Village with the Strong-Willed or Way of the Desert traits. Villages with these traits are home to skilled and sturdy indigenous people, so bringing them in for your Faction will increase your general Manpower metric more than an average Village would.

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