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How to Get Snotty Approved in Pizza Tower

You can't ask for approval from the dead.
pizza tower snotty grave
Image via Tour de Pizza

Games have gotten much craftier about playing with your expectations over the years. For instance, if you were wandering around an area and spotted a random monster, you’d probably just smash it without a second thought, right? Well, if you do that in Pizza Tower, you’re gonna cost yourself a perfect save file. Here’s how to get Snotty Approved in Pizza Tower.

How to Get Snotty Approved in Pizza Tower

In Pizza Tower, one of the special badges you can get on your save file in the file select menu is the green “Snotty Approved” badge, which adds an extra 1% to your Tower Completion level. Who is Snotty, you ask? I don’t blame you for not knowing, considering how callously you probably treated him. Snotty is a distinctive green Cheeseslime monster that you can find wandering around the fourth floor of the Tower, the Slum. Since he looks almost exactly like every other Cheeseslime you’ve seen so far, you probably just dash-grabbed him into oblivion like the others, but all that does is kill him and leave a rather tragic tombstone in his place.

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The only way to get the Snotty Approved badge is to deliberately leave Snotty alone. Don’t attack him, don’t bother him, don’t do anything to him. He’s not bothering you, so it’s fine. Then, after you defeat Pizzahead and play through the Crumbling Tower of Pizza at the end of the game, you’ll get the opportunity to rescue Snotty alongside the Tower’s other denizens. Get Snotty out of there, and the badge (and a clear conscience) is yours.

Can You Revive Snotty?

pizza tower snotty approved
Image via Tour de Pizza

If you instinctively pounded Snotty into the dirt the moment you saw him, you’re probably wondering whether or not there’s a way to bring him back and get that badge. The good news is that yes, there is a way to bring Snotty back. The bad news is that doing so requires a bit of file tinkering. It won’t mess up your game at all, but if you have hangups about file editing, then you’re officially out of luck.

To revive Snotty, just follow these directions:

  • Launch the Windows Run application (Windows key+R for a quick launch) and enter “%AppData%” into the field
  • Press OK and your Roaming folder will open. Scroll down to the folder named “PizzaTower_GM2”
  • Open the saves folder, then open the saveData file with Notepad. If you have multiple save files, they’re numbered, so just pick the one that corresponds with the save slot you used
  • Use find in Notepad (Ctrl+F) and search for the word “Snotty.” You’ll find Snotty’s name in a list of game variables with values next to them. If Snotty is dead, there will be a 1 next to his name, so go ahead and switch that to a 0
  • Save and close the file

When you launch the game, Snotty should be alive again. After that, just beat the last boss and level again, and you’ll get the Snotty Approved badge on your save file. Maybe next time, don’t immediately pound every monster you see into the dirt, at least in hub areas.

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