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How to Get Oceara and Nessla Early in Temtem

Temtem is in early access on PC as of January 21st, 2020 and releasing on other systems very soon. This guide will explain how to get Oceara and Nessla early in Temtem on PC early access, as well as provide an overview of their stats and abilities. These are two of the most rare and best water Temtem in the game.

How to Get Oceara and Nessla Early in Temtem


In order to get the surfboard in the game, you will need to play the game and get up to the first dojo. This is obtainable after a couple hours of gameplay. Once you have the surfboard head over to Brical De Mar, which is one of the earlier zones. You will need to stock up on a few items:

  • 60x Scents
  • 30x TemCards
  • Full Temessence Vial
  • 10x Balms

From Brical De Mar, surf up north to Aguamarina Caves and head north. You will have some random encounters in this area, but they will be easy enough to defeat. Head down into the cave until you get to a pool.

In this area you will have about a 5% chance for an Oceara encounter. Simply just surf around for a bit and hope to get lucky. When you get into the encounter, you can try to put it asleep and throw from TemCards at it until you capture it.


Head over and climb the Thalassian Cliffs to start your journey towards capturing a Nessla. You will get to a pool where you will hop on your surfboard and start going in circles to try and proc the 5% chance to spawn the Nessla encounter.

The pool you’re looking for can be seen in the picture above. Nessla is an electric water type, so if you use anything weak against electric you will likely have a tough time here.

This is how you can capture Nessla and Oceara so you can add these Temtem to your deck.

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