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How to Get Dough Fruit in Roblox Blox Fruits

Image Via Roblox Corporation

One Piece has taught me two things: that the characters get to receive powerful abilities and skill after eating Devil Fruits, and that, no matter what, you will always find a Roblox game inspired by it. And today, we will be talking about one of those games, Blox Fruits. More specifically, we will talk about probably one of the most valuable fruits available in the game. You will see why, or read why, in a bit. Here is how to get the Dough Fruit in Roblox Blox Fruits.

How to Get Dough Fruit

Dough, in the digital world of Blox Fruits, is an Elemental type Blox Fruit which has a Mythical rating. In fact, it is the only Mythical fruit that has an Awakening. But let us not get off track here. Since it is a very special type of fruit, you may be inclined to think that this fruit is specially hard to get. And you wouldn’t be wrong, you mind reader friend. In fact, it is so hard to get, that it will cost you 2,800,000 money, or 2,400 Robux to purchase it.

Not only that, but the chances of this Dough being in stock at all are of 1.4%. Furthermore, the chances of it spawning are of 1.34%. So, we have a problem here. Your best chance of getting this fruit is through trading, since it is a very sought after fruit due to the abilities it will print on your character that will greatly benefit your play through in PvP.

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This fruit will be able to give you quite an array of projectile and long range attacks, so be sure to keep that in mind if you plan to get it soon. Save up your money or collect other valuables in-game in order to trade for it. Either way, I hope you get your hands in the Dough (the French folk will get it, but anyway, good luck).

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