As you make your way into the Mountain biome, you’ll encounter a rune, as always, to uncover the boss’s summoning location. Moder drops a few useful items, which unlock a variety of new crafting options and buildings. In this guide, we’ll take a look at one of those items: the Dragon Tear. Here’s how to get a Dragon Tear in Valheim.

Dragon tears come from one source and one source alone: Moder, the fourth boss of Valheim, and a big honkin’ dragon. Defeating Moder yields a gaggle of dragon tears upon her defeat, but just like the other bosses, Moder needs to be directly summoned before you can take a swing at her. Being a busy dragon, Moder won’t give you the time of day unless you give her a really good reason. You know what a really good reason is? Stealing her children!

How to Get a Dragon Tear in Valheim

To get a Dragon Tear, you’ll need to defeat Moder in the mountain Biome. In order to summon Moder, you’ll need to obtain three dragon eggs. Dragon eggs can be found in large dragon nests hidden around the Mountains biome. Now, finding the eggs isn’t especially difficult. No, the problem is that just one of these suckers weighs a whopping 200 kg, making it the heaviest singular item in the entire game. 

If you want to summon Moder in a relatively timely fashion, you’re gonna need at least three players on deck, all of whom preferably equipped with Haldor’s Megingjord belt to raise carry capacity. If you’re on your own and don’t have the Megingjord belt, you can take the eggs one or two at a time, bring them to the summoning spot, and drop them off. Moder won’t appear until all three are placed, so it’s okay to leave them for a while.

When the eggs are in place, you can summon forth Moder. Get ready for a punch-up when you do, because she is B-I-G, big. If you’ve got any means of resisting frost damage, this is the place to use it, and if you’ve got any means of fire-based attack, all the better, especially if they’re ranged.

After you defeat Moder, you can claim the dragon tears from her body, bring ‘em home, and build yourself a fancy Artisan Table for some real high-level crafting. Currently, the Artisan Table is the only use for a Dragon Tear at the moment, but we’ll update you with more information if that changes.