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How to Feint in Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord

Mount and Blade Bannerlord / TaleWorlds Entertainment

A common question for new players in Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord is how to feint. This guide explains what a feint is, how to do it, and whether it’s useful in single and multiplayer.

What is a Feint

A feint is a deceptive move to trick your opponent into thinking you’re about to attack. It can be as simple as switching your weapon to a different side or moving your weapon back and forth. The goal of feinting is to trick the opponent into making a mistake so we can capitalize on it.

Mount and Blade Bannerlord / TaleWorlds Entertainment

How to Feint

There are a few different kinds of feints you can perform in the game. First, we’ll take a look at Direction Switching Feints.

Direction Switching Feints

Direction Switching Feints are quite simple and can be accomplished in a few easy steps.

  • Move your mouse to the right while holding down the left mouse button to ready an attack from the right.
  • With the left mouse button still held down, move the mouse to the left and tap the right mouse button.
  • This creates a quick block animation and will switch the weapon to the other side of your body.
  • You can then release the left mouse button to perform your attack.

You can keep your left mouse button held down and move in all directions while tapping your right mouse button to switch the angles and make it look like you are about to attack. Some people like to continuously tap the right mouse button to block and make their character spaz out, but doing it cleanly makes it more deceptive.

This is how you perform a direction switching Feint in Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord. The objective of this move is to make your opponent block in the wrong direction, leaving them vulnerable to attack.

Simple Feint

A more simple variation of feinting is just by bringing the weapon forward a bit to make it look like you’re attacking. This may draw out a block from the opponent, or make them think they can counter-attack. This is done the same way as the direction switching Feint, minus the changing direction part.

Mount and Blade Bannerlord / TaleWorlds Entertainment

Movement Feints

Another Feint you may find useful is something like bringing your weapon from the right, blocking high, and then attacking from the left. This might cause your opponent to think you made a blunder and bait out an attack. You will of course strike first in that case and deal damage.

Note that you have a short window after performing an attack where you can cancel it and perform a block instead. This may come in handy and allow you to come up with some unique moves of your own. You can attack, cancel it by blocking, and then attack again from the same side to throw off your opponent’s timing.

Feinting Scenarios

That’s how you Feint in Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord. Now that you understand, you can use this technique to your advantage in the game. Same side feints are more useful in single-player tournaments. Computer AI is usually pretty aggressive, so you’ll need a quick weapon to make this work.

In multiplayer, it’s much easier to make use of this strategy. You will likely encounter some aggressive players where feinting does not work too well. However, for the most part, you can use feints to throw off the enemy’s timing and bait movements.

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