How to Dominate Overwatch Ranked with Sigma
How to Dominate Overwatch Ranked with Sigma

How to Dominate Overwatch Ranked with Sigma

Want to know how to dominate Overwatch ranked with Sigma? Sigma is Overwatch’s newest tank hero. Since his release, he’s become one of the game’s most used heroes on the competitive ladder. However, if you’ve never played Sigma, you may find it pretty difficult to get the most out of his kit. 

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This Sigma guide will provide an overview of the tank’s abilities and some tips for using them to climb the competitive ranks. Keep reading to learn how to dominate with Sigma.

Understanding Sigma’s Kit

The first step to climbing with Sigma is understanding how his abilities work. If you don’t know, Sigma’s primary fire is called Hyperspheres. He throws out two pulsating orbs that will implode and do damage when impacting an enemy or after a set amount of time. Each orb will do 55 direct damage to the enemy it hits.

Next, Sigma has a shield called Experimental Barrier, which has 1,500 health. His shield is somewhat unique in that it can be recalled and deployed at will. This opens up some interesting opportunities for creating an edge in your ranked games, which will be discussed in more detail below.

Sigma also has an attack called Accretion, which has a 13-second cooldown. With it, Sigma gathers a pile of debris and tosses it forward at an opponent. This deals 80 damage on impact and knocks the opponent down. Accretion offers the ability to combo with another teammate to quickly zap the health of an unsuspecting enemy.

Sigma also has a defensive ability called Kinetic Grasp. When used, this absorbs the attacks taking place in front of Sigma and turns them into shields that protect him. Finally, Sigma’s kit is topped off with his ultimate, called Gravitic Flux. He uses it to send enemies flying into the air and crashing down to the ground.

How to Dominate with Sigma

Sigma is a really interesting hero with lots of unique abilities. When first starting to play him, all of that can feel overwhelming. Here are five tips you can use now to start getting better at Sigma:

1. Learn To Push With Sigma’s Shield

As a tank, Sigma will often be asked to help his team gain ground from the opposition by leading the charge into their ranks. However, unlike Reinhardt and some of Overwatch’s other tanks, Sigma’s shield can’t just be held up and walked forward behind. Instead, you’ll need to practice how to push with your team in new ways. 

Specifically, you need to get good at recalling and deploying your shield in such a way as to cover your team throughout its entire push. You also need to make sure your shield doesn’t die in the process. This is a task best accomplished through practice, where you can get a better feel for how Sigma’s shield can be utilized best while pushing forward.

2. Familiarize Yourself With the Geometry of Maps

Sigma’s primary fire will implode after a set period of time if it doesn’t make contact with an enemy right away. You can use this to your advantage by ricocheting orbs around tight corners to target unsuspecting enemies. If you identify the right angles to do this from, you’ll be able to build up your ultimate faster and force enemies to use their cooldowns early.

3. Weave in Melees With Your Abilities

Sigma’s primary fire sends out two spheres every 1.5 seconds. This give you time to get in one melee attack between each iteration of Sigma’s Hyperspheres. You can significantly increase your total damage output if you’re able to do this consistently. Go to the practice range and practice on training bots to get the feel down.

4. Learn How to Synergize Sigma’s Ult

Gravitic Flux is a powerful ability on its own. However, it becomes even more powerful when combined with the right teammate’s ult. It’s especially deadly when combined with ultimates that take time to set up, such as Doomfist’s Meteor Strike, Mccree’s Deadeye, and DVA’s Bomb. Be sure to communicate with your teammates before ulting as Sigma to see if anyone is ready to combo with you.

5. Know Your Counters

As with all heroes in Overwatch, it’s easier to play Sigma against some enemy compositions than others. Sigma doesn’t have any hard-counters. But he can be difficult to play against heroes with beams, such as Symmetra and Zarya, since his Kinetic Grasp won’t block their damage. Similarly, a good Sombra can make playing Sigma very challenging if she’s constantly hacking you.

Ultimately, getting good at Sigma will require practice. He’s a tough hero to master, but one that’s absolutely worth taking the time to improve at. We hope this Sigma guide gave you some helpful concrete skills to begin practicing.

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